Waqar Zaka Launches His Political Party – Promises Internet-Based Revolution In Pakistan

waqar zaka party

Social media sensation Waqar Zaka has announced his own political party ‘Tehreek-e-Technology Pakistan/Technology Movement of Pakistan’ after he succeeded in unbanning online game PUBG in Pakistan. His efforts and campaign against the ban on PUBG created a lot of pressure on authorities.

Seems like Waqar Zaka is quite happy with his achievement and has introduced his own political party to bring the ‘internet revolution’ in the country. He has also used his trademark hand gesture as his political party symbol.

After his continuous effort and constant Twitter trend to unban PUBG in Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has finally unbanned the popular online game in the country.

In a detailed statement, they said that after a meeting with PUBG owners PTA has decided to unban the game. However, they have assured that the action will be taken immediately regarding any unlawful activity related to the game.

PUBG fans have been celebrating the unban in the country after continuous uproar on Twitter. Many believe that it is an only source of entertainment during this lockdown. The game is said to be promoting violence and aggressiveness amongst its players. There are several reports of suicides due to the game as well.

Pakistanis are thanking Waqar Zaka for filing a petition against PTA for lifting the ban and also creating a social media trend on the same.

So far, Zaka has been receiving a lot of support from his fans. Let’s see how this new political party of Waqar Zaka brings change for the youth of Pakistan. However, way before he announced his party, we already predicted that he can be the new prime minister of Pakistan (winks).


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