Waqar Zaka and Iqrar ul Hassan are Playing the Blame-Game on Social Media and It is Just Strange!

We witnessed a change in the perception of Pakistanis when the public figures decided to step up in order to help Muslims in Burma. Namely, Amir Liaquat, Iqrar ul Hassan, and Waqar Zaka showed that they are visiting the effect areas and will try their best to save as many families as possible.

For Amir Liaquat, the entire fiasco went down when he was arrested and wasn’t allowed to enter the country. Speculations rose that Amir didn’t go to rescue the Rohingya Muslims and all of this was a publicity stunt.

Both, Waqar Zaka and Iqrar Ul Hassan Showed on Social Media that they Made Efforts in Saving the Rohingya Muslims

Iqrar showed his reporting on local news channel ARY, whereas Zaka does it on social media, without any channel affiliation.

Under this tweet, a user posted that Zaka is posting misleading news regarding Iqrar’s efforts. This is what the journalist posted as a reply:

And then Waqar Responded, Clarifying his Words

Iqrar Mentioned that he Contacted Zaka for Joint Efforts, but Zaka didn’t Respond

Zaka then Stated that if Iqrar Would be Kind Enough to Play the Videos he Recorded in Burma

To which Iqrar Mentioned that all of this was Done as Good Deeds in the Eyes of God, which Definitely Contradicts as Iqrar aired his Experience in Burma

Zaka Continued Schooling Iqrar and Went on Saying that He was Funded by ARY

To which Iqrar said that this was All Done from His Pocket

There were Taunts and Taunts, Both Needing Statements to Prove their Efforts

Zaka Ended the Fiasco on a Good Note

This entire issue, the fight on social media did not make much sense as this was just the matter of egos clashing. Both anchors were focused more on proving their own point, rather than showing how they need to serve the humanity.

Regardless of what happens, both Iqrar ul Hassan and Waqar Zaka deserve recognition for their efforts!

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