Waqar Younis Triggered the Feminist Lobby on Twitter with a Suggestion That Everyone Finds "Sexist"

Waqar Younis Triggered the Feminist Lobby on Twitter with a Suggestion That Everyone Finds “Sexist”

Today’s modern world has a few vulnerable subjects that can induce a heap of controversies. Talking about our society, feminism is a subject that pretty much relates due to the fact that it is highly misunderstood. Feminism is not a controversy; how it tends to follow up in terms of different perspectives is rather controversial.

If you happen to be on Twitter, you must’ve seen people waged in massive arguments about equality, men and women’s rights and all whole epidemic following it… You cannot really get away with saying something controversial about either men or women because the Twitter army, especially our desi one will find you and will slay you. Poor Waqar Younis, he passed a suggesting on Twitter regarding the format of Women Cricket but ends up calling out all people who found it just too wrong.

Source: ESPN Cricinfo

Waqar Younis suggested women should play 30 overs instead of 50 but it totally went the other way…

Whether you call it sexism or mansplaining, he simply found it liable to pass a suggestion and little did he know what was coming next!

And then it happened… BA DUM TUSSSS

Twitter has spoken! Waqar Younis is a misogynist.

While some people quite liked the idea

Waqar Younis came to clear the pile of dirt lingering everywhere around him


It’s absolutely crazy how some people can get offended quickly and come to rescue their own agenda what they find being manipulated by others. Sentiments shouldn’t be that fragile and one should definitely have the level of patience and tolerance to center other people’s claims. Waqar only passed a valid suggestion and it’s appropriate to agree or disagree.

Discrimination persists almost everywhere in the world – be it sport, the pay gap; it’s good to fight for their rights and equality but lashing out unnecessarily after mistaking someone’s claim is just not right for anyone.

What do you guys think about Waqar Younis’ suggestion?

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