WannaCry, RansomWare: A Cyber Attack That Hits Million PCs Around The World

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Previously, people were robbed on the streets, but in today’s digital age; the world has its own ways to loot money from people. WannaCryptor 2.0 is malicious RansomWare software that hit the globe last week on Friday. Since then it has targeted 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries. When the ransomware comes into action, it locks your file and demands a ransom in the form of bitcoins to allow you to access your file.

This attack raises questions about the claims of various Anti-Virus Softwares that fail to protect the systems around the world. It is considered that this attack is one of the most powerful malware attacks of the history. Here are the following details about WannaCryptor RansomWare attacks and how you can protect your PC from this virus.

Origin of WannaCryptor RansomWare:

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It’s all started in the month of April when a group called “The Shadow Brokers” stole documents and tools which the NSA (National Security Agency) from the United States used by the name of “EternalBlue” to spy on computers around the world. Many cyber security experts also accept that this virus is a developer tool run by the NSA. Further, these hackers turned those stolen tools into a RansomWare software.

Who are those hackers? That’s still a mystery. Eventually, this RansomWare turned into WanaCryptor 2.0, which is also known as WCry, WannaCry, WannaCrypt, Wana Decrypt0r.

How WannaCryptor 2.0 does work?

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WannaCryptor 2.0 first encrypts your files, as a result, it will demand a ransom. In order you to get your files back, they ask for a minimum of 300$ to 800$. The terrifying thing is that the software will give you 7 days to pay your ransom, otherwise, your data will be lost forever.

There are a number of file types that WannaCryptor has targeted. From .123 to .zip, they cover almost all important file types. This virus is hidden in the form of a document or PDF file which travels from one computer to another.

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They also leave a text file note on a user desktop with the messages like:

“oopps! your important files are encrypted.”

“If you follow our instructions, we guarantee you that you can decrypt all your files quickly and easily”

“Please send 300$ worth of bitcoins to this bitcoin address”

WannaCryptor attacks on some of the prominent organizations, including NHS in Britain, Telefonica in Spain and Russian interior ministry. It is been claimed that this virus has some hidden links with North Korea. It is also been reported that this virus also reaches to Pakistani computers probably in Islamabad, but due to  Malware tech, the attack did not hit so hard on Pakistan.

There are also some reports that claim there are many computers under the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital which have also been reported under this threat. Due to the efforts of US security agencies, the threat of these attacks have slowed down but they still have the potential to shut your computers down.


How can you protect your Computer from WannaCry RansomWare Attacks

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Here are some few tips through which you can protect your computer from these WannaCryptor 2.0 RansomWare attacks:

  • Don’t Store all data on “My Computer.”
  • Try to have 2 Backups one in your computer and one in your “Google Drive or DropBox.”
  • Always sign out from your Google Drive and DropBox.
  • Update your windows.
  • Turn off all macros from your Microsoft suite.
  • Remove plug-ins from your browsers.
  • Increase the protection level of your all search engines.
  • Use Ad-Blockers to avoid any kind of external threats.
  • NEVER open spam emails.
  • Use advanced anti-virus software on an automatic module.
  • Most importantly update your windows, if your computer is running on an old version of window XP.
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