WAHIDD – This One Of A Kind App Is Promoting Unity And Brotherhood Among Muslims

Ramadan is just around the corner and a number of people have already started to prepare for the holy days. As the month of patience and countless blessings approaches us, we observe how people start to change their lifestyles. Those who hardly ever offer prayers, run to the nearest Masjids in their neighborhoods during the prayer call. Girls start covering their heads and almost everyone around you starts to behave differently, in a positive manner.

In amidst all this, we also continue using our smartphones which have taken over the world and has undoubtedly become an everyday need. There’s nothing that you cannot do or learn through your smartphone.

People, these days, are almost relying on their phones for everything. From getting news to listening to songs, there’s an APP for almost everything which allows you to look for distinct information just by scrolling a little here and there on your phone. But when it comes to finding content related to Muslims and Islam, we find it a tad bit difficult.

To make the most of the month of Ramadan, let us introduce you to WAHIDD, an App that’ll take you to your much awaited spiritually inspiring journey. With WAHIDD, there’s going to be a seamless experience between you and your search for Islamic content. As the name suggests, “WAHIDD”, it is the one and only application that brings all sorts of Islamic content on a single platform.

Whether you are looking for Quranic Surahs, Verses, Naats, Hamds, Qawwalis, Bayans, Nohas or Nazams, just name it and you’ll find it on this one of a kind APP.

Now you can spend your leisure time in Ramadan listening to Quranic Surahs and Naats instead of thinking about what your mom`s cooking for Iftar. WAHIDD also offers bayans from various religious scholars to expand your Islamic knowledge in the best possible manner. The app is not just for you but for your entire family. Either listen to your favorite Naat on your headphones, peacefully while relaxing on your chair or share it with your entire family by putting it on speaker… everyone in your family can get benefitted from this one of a kind APP.

The idea behind WAHIDD is to bring all Muslims on one page, their aim is to bring the entire Muslim Ummah together. With the slogan of “One Nation, One Islam,” it encourages people to listen to more and more Islamic content in order to expand their knowledge and to build unity and brotherhood, the core values of Islam, among Muslims.

WAHIDD stands for “Worlds Anterior Home of Islamic Digital Database”. Their team is working hard to add more exciting features to make the App more user-friendly. Currently, it is available for download on the Android and Apple stores.

So make the most of the upcoming month of Ramadan by installing WAHIDD on your smartphones.

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