Someone Has Put Wahab Riaz Up For Sale on eBay and His Description Is Just Hilarious

Wahab Riaz is not having the best time of his life. He was once a prolific player, knocking out top batsmen and his bowling once was just unbelievable. You must remember his controversial spell with Shane Watson; it was pretty bold and we had a great piece of entertainment that day. But Wahab is past his prime now and safe to say, he’s only a shadow of his former self. He recently played in PSL and put him a better performance which unlocked his chance to be added to the Champions Trophy squad. But Wahab Riaz had a shambolic performance in the ongoing tournament and was forcibly dropped out.

Source: NDTV Sports

Considering his embarrassing performance against India, where he gave away 80 runs during his spell, Pakistani fans have been angry. Nobody held back their sheer contempt for Wahab and the player who once won hearts is now breaking all. We have come across angry fans and their reactions, some of which seem normal but one person absolutely broke all records. Here’s what they did…

An angry fan put Wahab Riaz up for sale on eBay for $1 and the bid went up to $600

Source: Twitter

Way to go, people. Way to go. Just shows how some fans can go absolutely crazy.

…and here’s the description

Source: Twitter

Quite a way to act when you are not happy with your player. Let’s take it on a lighter note; absolutely no disrespect to Wahab Riaz because we still love our player. But consider the height of ridiculousness this person went to. Do you think Wahab knows he’s put up for sale on eBay?

So, Pakistan team faces India once again and this time, it’s a finale of the tournament. Our nerves are getting out of control and we cannot take the adrenaline rush that shall happen on Sunday. Let’s wish our team manages to give their best shot. It’s against India and fans from both countries desperately want their teams to win. Good luck to the Boys in Green!

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