Wahab Riaz Forgot How to Bowl for a Moment and Our Coach Had the BEST Reaction

Remember the time when Wahab Riaz posed a constant threat on the pitch with his bowling? That was long, long ago.

Now the Pakistani left-arm pacer is only a shadow of his former self. Age or form? Pakistan went one-on-one against Sri Lanka during the Test series on Sunday and their performance wasn’t up to the mark.

Source: Daily Mail

Delivering his 19th bowler, Wahab Riaz looked as if he forgot how to ball at all. He missed his bowling run up as many as 5-times a row. 5 TIMES A ROW, GUYS! UNBELIEVABLE. It was embarrassing as Sri Lanka and Pakistan are great teams that people avidly follow. The likes of Wahab were not really convincing.

Wahab Riaz’s embarrassing showdown left a mark of sheer criticism on the senior bowler…

All mouths of critics and analysts were wide open. It was unbelievable to witness what goof a senior bowler as Wahab pulled off on the pitch. Surely, the coach wasn’t impressed either.

His reaction sums up everything here!


But a bad day surely came to an end as Wahab Riaz eventually took home 3 wickets


Way to go!

Epic comeback surely…

Well, we just thought it would be cool if you enjoy some banter in the story.

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