Pakistanis Are Modeling For Vogue On Twitter & Some Of Them Deserve To Be On The Cover

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Trends keep coming and changing, the best bit about them, sometimes they are so good, they make you want to tell the world. A similar such trend has been going on twitter since yesterday. People are uploading their pictures under the #VogueChallenge, showcasing they too, deserve to be on the cover.

As everyone, Pakistanis cannot stay behind when it comes to global trends, right? Girls and boys, both alike, have been uploading their pictures with the Vogue cover caption. And honest to God, some of them deserve to be on the cover.

We’re going to compile some of the best Vogue covers from Pakistan for you. You too can take part in the challenge, if you think you might make it to Vogue’s front page!

Here are some of the best Pakistani pictures from the #VogueChallenge

Translating that will be very difficult..

Hijab Vogue model? We’re all for it

What do you think? Should Vogue hire her?

And honestly, you nailed it…

Pakistani boys on a Vogue cover? Bring it!

Exactly Vogue material…

That’s something. A Vogue challenge niqab edition?

Yes sir, you absolutely did.

Never too late to be on the cover of Vogue?

Apart from these, there are countless other uploads on the #VogueChallenge from Pakistanis. Maybe after the trend, Vogue will contact a few of them. Who knows? All in all, the trend was a positive change on social media, where instead of fighting, people were hyping each other.

More such trends need to make it to Desi twitter because as users have stated for long, to curb the negativity, positive approaches to life are needed. What do you think about these Vogue features from Pakistan? Would you share yours if you got the chance?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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