Virtual Hangouts Now A Possibility Thanks To Facebook!

virtaul socializiang

Ever imagine what hanging out in a virtual world would look like? Well, technology giant Facebook showed a demonstration of this at the F8 developer conference, they showed how socializing could take place in a virtual world.

virtaul socializiang


The demonstration included two employees who were working some 30 miles apart from each other meeting up in virtual space. The Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer was in San Francisco and Product Manager Michael Booth at Facebook HQ at Menlo Park, California. The demo showed how they could share the same experiences in a virtual world.

Virtual Socializing 2


The demo made use of 360-degree photos as the employees visited London, they drew together on their screens with virtual pens, and took selfies which they posted  to their Facebook news-feeds in the real world.

This was the very first demo conducted by Facebook on the virtual world and there is still a lot more work to be done and many challenges to be solved.

It is predicted that when the system is established to its full capacity, a person can share his experiences without traveling, thus the element of geographical limitations between users would virtually end.

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