Virtual COVID-19 Fund Raiser: Famous Pakistani Artists To Perform In The Event

Virtual Fund Raiser Pakistani Artists Perform

As the coronavirus has locked everyone in their homes, the only source of entertainment that is left is the internet. With businesses shut down and daily lives in chaos, many ventures are now forced to shift to the online podium.

Apart from all the hassle, earlier, the pandemic had brought several Pakistani and Indian singers together through online sessions. However, the Indian film body couldn’t bear a positive connection and ordered its artists to break the ties. Well, this time, a Ramadan Coronavirus Relief Virtual Fundraiser is happening with a bunch of Pakistan’s well-reputed artists on board.

From Ali Zafar to Haroon; Pakistani artists are ready to raise funds

The main purpose of the event is to raise as many funds as possible for those who have fallen victim to the deadly COVID-19. Indeed, it is an amazing step towards helping the underprivileged and needy during these desperate times. Mentioned on the fundraising website, the organizers in order to respect the ongoing Ramadan festivities have gone for a Sufi program.

Virtual Fund Raiser Pakistani Artists Perform

Source: The Express Tribune

According to the details, the delightful initiative is called ”Hamd o Naat” and ”Sufi program” and is set to happen on 10th May. The event will feature several Pakistani artists including Ali Zafar, Ali Sethi, Haroon Rashid, Rafaqat Ali Khan and Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan. Not only these but Ali Sher, Junaid Younus and Khurram Iqbal are also part of the fundraiser.

Everything for the underprivileged

To help those in jeopardy, the mentioned artists will be investing their precious time to collect funds which can help many. Not to forget, the link of the performances will then be shared as a subscription offer. Particularly, 10 dollars per family will be the fee for the subscription and the collection will add up to the helping funds.

Virtual Fund Raiser Pakistani Artists Perform

Source: NPR

Well, as per the site, this step is taken after analyzing the devastating conditions of the poor these days. ”Covid-19 has hit the underprivileged more than any of us. As we all practice social distancing let us not distance ourselves from the most vulnerable whose survival depends on our generosity”, the website says.

Mentioning VIGA which is a US-based non-profit organization and is a project of Akhuwat, they are doing a remarkable job. Further, it read, ”As a response to the war against coronavirus, VIGA is providing relief to the most vulnerable. Particularly old persons, daily wager laborers, and street vendors. Initially, we aim to support 100,000 families through several of our programs.”

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