Virat Kohli Gives Us the Biggest Reason Why No Pakistani Can Ever Come to Hate Him!

Virat Kohli is one of the best players to ever grace the pitch. He’s literally the definition of perfection in sports. From batting to fielding and captaincy, the lad is almost everywhere with his prolific touch. He poses a surreal threat to any bowler who dares to go one-on-one, unlike Mohammad Amir.


Virat continues to break records in the category of batting. He is a world-class player and matchless in terms of his ability and the innate quotient of ingenuity. Pakistan loves him too. How can you not, anyway? He’s a joy to watch!

Source: Hindustan Times

Now the batsman just gave us another reason why we love him! Recently, he was interviewed by the Indian media where he revealed some comments about Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Irfan and the Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhter. What’s interesting that he explains how Irfan and veteran Shoaib have an intimidating factor! This guy simply oozes of class.

Check out the interview below because it’s definitely going to make your day…

Viral Kohli… what a man. What a player. What a character. 🙂

Every Cricket fan is honored to witness the likes of Virat Kohli taking on the pitch and scoring majestic innings. We wish the player a great luck in the future!

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