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Nasir Khan Jan Took To Twitter To Call Out Pakistani Youtubers For Staying Silent Over Kashmir!

Nasir Khan Jan called out Pakistani Youtubers on Twitter because they seem to be quiet regarding the Indian government’s decision… Read More

PM Imran Khan’s Sister Aleema Khan Was Seen Receiving VVIP Protocol at the Airport and That Is Some Tabdeeli!

Remember how politicians of this new government, of the PTI government talked about how they won't bother with any privileges;… Read More

Irfan Junejo’s Stance On Raising His Voice About Kashmir Is Not Going Well With The Public At All!

From red display pictures to hashtags on social media, there are a handful people on digital forums doing all the… Read More

Comedian Hasan Minhaj Shows His Support Towards The Kashmiri People

The comedian Hasan Minhaj mentioned the Kashmir crisis within his latest session of the Netflix series Patriot Act with Hasan… Read More

Meet Naqeebullah Sahab – A 115-Year-Old Pakistani War Veteran Who Helped Free Azad Kashmir From India!

Naqeebullah is 115-year-old now, he has seen a whole century of change in the geopolitics of the region. Not only… Read More

Mother Of LOC Shaheed Taimoor Aslam Showcases Her Son’s Bravery And Why ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan!’

Shaheed Lance Naik Taimoor from Lahore embraced martyrdom on the LOC in the recent clashes. The Indian Army opened unprovoked… Read More

31st Death Anniversary Of Zia-ul-Haq – The Impact His Rule Still Carries

The 31th death anniversary of former president General Zia-ul-Haq is being remembered all across Pakistan. The general served as the… Read More

Remembering The ‘Queen Of Pop’ Nazia Hassan As Her 19th Death Anniversary Passes Away

The 19th death anniversary of the famous Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan, is observed all around Pakistan and South Asia. The… Read More

Jeremy McLellan Is Now Interested In Learning Urdu & Pakistanis Are Helping Him In Hilarious Ways!

The world knows the hospitality guts Pakistanis have and the breathtaking sights Pakistan has to offer. In the last few… Read More

Hajj Operations Earn PIA A Revenue Of 7-8b

Every year a massive amount of people go for Hajj from all parts of the world to Saudi Arabia. And… Read More

Sham Idrees & Froggy Announced They’re Having A Baby — But Pakistanis Think It Is Too Soon!

Pakistan's YouTube fraternity saw some controversies, major dramas, fights through videos and expose sessions on various desi channels. The entire… Read More

Pakistanis Were Seen Celebrating Their Nationali-Tea In A Really Unique Way This Independence Day!

For Pakistanis, chai is not just a drink you drink every morning. It is an obsession. An addiction. Right after… Read More

A Couple In Rawalpindi Had Been Sexually Abusing And Filming Over 45 Girls Before Being Arrested!

In the last few years, Pakistan has faced some extremely heinous issues, aside from political clashes. The crime rate may… Read More

What Is A Phishing Attack? – The Different Types And Prevention Methods!

The current world is open to all sorts of individuals with information available on easy and accessible platforms. It has… Read More

This Kashmiri Father’s Helpless Situation Of Not Being Able To Reach His Son For Days Is A Loss For India!

India left no stone unturned in converting the valley of Kashmir into a living nightmare. Deploying thousands and thousands of… Read More

India Just Gave An Indirect Nuclear Threat To Pakistan And Pakistanis Are Ready For It!

The tensions between the two neighbors have been increasing ever since the Pulwama incident and with the recently intensifying atrocities… Read More

Nasir Lotha – A UAE Businessman Who Was Used By Zardari And Nawaz To Launder Money From Pakistan!

The current has been total chaos regarding Pakistan's politically corrupt alliances. Time to time developments in the corruption cases which… Read More

NFAK’s Death Anniversary Floods Twitter With Tweets Of Admiration

Today is NFAK's death anniversary. In 1997 a cardiac arrest took the life NFAK in London. However, by the age… Read More

Bilawal Bhutto Gave An ‘Illogical’ Explanation Of The Past Rainy Days Making A Big Fool Out Of Himself!

Rainy days in Pakistan are a totally different story compared to the rest of the world. The blocked drains, roads… Read More

This Kashmiri Woman’s Reply To An Indian Soldier Asking For Her Jihadi Husband’s Surrender Is Brave!

For Muslims, Shahadat 'martyrdom' is one of the biggest honors one can attain in this world and hereafter. A shaheed… Read More

Blast In Quetta Kuchlak Area Madrasa Martyrs Four, Injures More Than A Dozen

While there's already a lot going in the country, another heartbreaking news surfaces. A blast in the mosque of Quetta.… Read More

Beware Karachites! 7 Crocodiles Escaped From A Farm, Authorities Have Only Captured 5.

People of Karachi have another thing coming after the heavy monsoon rains that rocked the city and created havoc. If… Read More

Things Are Getting Intense Between Auj & Aarish In Pepsi Battle Of The Bands And Who Will You Vote For?

Finally, after a momentous journey of 2 months, the Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 4 is coming to a… Read More

Maleeha Lodhi’s Son Marrying An Indian Hindu Girl Is Now Raising Many Questions Regarding Pakistan’s Security!

The ongoing Indian barbarism in Jammu and Kashmir has shaken the world to the core. Day to day killing of… Read More