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Peshawar’s “Bora Waterfall” Has Become A Beautiful Attraction For Tourists!

The phrase 'blessed with the best' fits perfect with Pakistan as the mesmerizing nature it holds within can't be found anywhere… Read More

Pakistanis Are Supporting Sarfaraz Ahmed On His Removal As Captain!

The unexpected releases and decisive capability of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have this time angered Pakistani cricket fans. Apparently,… Read More

Zoom Into Imagination And Creativity As Oppo Launches Its RENO 2 Series!

OPPO Pakistan launched the new Reno2 Series at Faletti's Hotel in Lahore. The Reno2 and Reno2 F models are the… Read More

Junaid Jamshed’s Summer Clearance Sale Is A Perfect Sending Off To The Summers And Theres Not Much Time left!

Winter is coming! everybody. The slow transition of this change in weather from the hot and sunny summers to the… Read More

PM Imran Khan Praised His Economic Team’s First Year Performance!

In the last few years, the crashing Pakistani economy showed a vivid picture of the incompetence of the previous governments.… Read More

Tips On How To Stop Video Game Addiction!

Video games are becoming a fairly common hobby for a lot of people around the globe. It has gotten to… Read More

Pakistan Granted Only Four Months To Avoid FATF Blacklist!

Even though affairs seem to be simmering down in Islamabad, things aren't looking so good with the FATF. The Financial… Read More

Sarfaraz Ousted From Captaincy – Azhar, Babar Take Over!

If you have been following Pakistan cricket you would know how our dear captain has been performing. Not very convincing.… Read More

Here Are All The Details About PM Imran Khan’s ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’!

Pakistan is now reviving its lost credibility among the world states under Prime Minister Imran Khan's leadership. As the previous… Read More

President Erdogan Rejected Trump’s Letter & Threw It In The Bin!

The decades-old conflict between the Turks and the Syrian Kurds simmered down with the time until recently, the Turkey President… Read More

‘Salt Bae’ Opening A Restaurant In Pakistan Hasn’t Been Confirmed!

Social media has the power to make a celebrity out of anyone. One can become an overnight sensation and gain… Read More

PPP Defeated At Home Ground Larkana After Shocking PS-11 Elections!

The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) is being defeated by Moazzam Ali Abbasi in PS-11 Larkana. Abbasi is the candidate of… Read More

Google Family Link App Lets Parents Control Their Child’s Activities!

Google has never disappointed when it comes to providing impressive services. This is probably the reason why more than half… Read More

Sourav Ganguly Hopes Resumption Of India-Pakistan Bilateral Cricket!

Because of the Kashmir Issue and Pakistan's stance on it, there are hardly any bilateral talks taking place between the… Read More

A Man Unleashed His Pet Lion On Electrician To Avoid Paying His Wages!

Along with the advancement of technology, humans have gradually adapted modern living decorum. With the passage of time, people have… Read More

Fake News Regarding ‘Eaton’ Being Sealed Has Been Busted!

Karachi's problems seem to be bigger than itself and yet the city survives against all odds. That is the beauty… Read More

Lifebuoy & TCF Join Hands To Raise Strong Daughters Through Education!

Lifebuoy Shampoo announced its partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to facilitate education for 10,000 girls across Pakistan at an… Read More

Kate Middleton Is Stealing The Show With Her Graceful Choice Of Clothes In The Royals Visit To Pakistan!

We all must have known by now that the members of the royal family of the United Kingdom are currently… Read More

Jeremy McLellan’s Lighthearted Jab At Prince William Is Hilarious!

Jeremy McLellan the unofficial spokesperson of Pakistan, online defender of our country and biryani lover, has made a special place… Read More

About 35 Foreign Pilgrims Lost Their Lives In A Saudi Arabia Bus Accident!

In a series of unfortunate events, from time to time, the world witnesses some extremely horrific life-ending scenarios. Apparently, in… Read More

Students Protest Against University Of Blochistan’s Admin For Misconduct!

The educational institutes of Pakistan have become an open field for the wicked. Schools were once known for their quality… Read More

Erdogan Pleads Unity Of Muslim Nations Against Israel!

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked Muslim leaders to consolidate and defy Israel, days after numbers of Palestinians were… Read More

Pakistani Celebrities Share Their Experiences Of Meeting The Royal Couple!

This whole past week, all eyes have been on the royal couple. The tour of the royal couple has glittered… Read More

Pakistani Filmmakers Won Two Prestigious Awards At Busan!

In this reviving mode, the content being produced by the Pakistani filmmakers is commendable. Putting in sheer efforts in creating… Read More