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From Rags To Riches! Here’s How Some Of Our Favorite Pakistani Celebs Kick-Started Their Careers

When it comes to the talent we all know the Pakistani entertainment industry is filled with amazing stars. Pakistani celebrities… Read More

Another Domestic Abuse Survivor Begs For Help After Husband Attempts To Kill Her

Domestic violence has been the foremost threat to women worldwide, even before the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the emergence of the… Read More

Unemployment Forces Man To Rob Landlord In Gujranwala – Police Later Pay Poor Guy’s Rent

On Saturday, a tenant robbed his landlord disguised as a woman in a burqa. The incident took place in Gujranwala… Read More

Modern Civil Service – We Discuss Corruption, Social Media & Life With CSP Hassam Khan Toru

They come acing the country's top exam, become arbitrators of our choice, and then run the government. Bureaucrats, always, have… Read More

Another Transgender Killed – Beenish Dies From Multiple Gunshot Wounds In Islamabad

Brutality reaches a new level each day as the lives of humans are of no importance. Pakistan is a free… Read More

Aishwarya Rai Also Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Amitabh Bachchan & Abhishek

With its hiking up to 850,000, India is now the worst-hit country in the world without any community transmission of… Read More

Pakistani TikTok Star Breaks Down While Sharing Her Horrible Body-Shaming Story

Body-shaming is one of the worst practices that is becoming a growing trend all over the world especially in Pakistan.… Read More

YouTube Star Zaid Ali Wishes His Wife ‘A Happy Birthday’ In The Most Adorable Way

Love is truly in the air. Pakistani YouTube Star and comedian Zaid Ali is always up to teasing his wife.… Read More

Pakistan Ulema Council Announces Support For Construction Of Hindu Temple In Islamabad

Recently, the entire nation was brought to a debate where one part of it was in favor of a Hindu… Read More

How A Honda City In Pakistan Is Different As Compared To A Honda City In India!

There is an immense difference between Honda City cars in India and Pakistan despite the fact they are from the… Read More

Karachi Girl Exposes Man On Camera Who Was Harassing Her In Middle Of Traffic

Harassment is becoming prevalent and an emerging evil in Pakistani society. From schools, colleges, and universities to even hospitals harassing… Read More

Newlywed Singer Haroon Rashid Shares Heartwarming Photos With His Beautiful Wife

On June 30, the acclaimed singer Haroon Rashid tied the knot with the girl of his dreams! The 90s heartthrob… Read More

Muezzin Recites Azaan From Inside Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia For The First Time In 85 Years

Turkey has turned the Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque after the ruling of the court. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan… Read More

Ayyan Ali Is Back With A Bang – Teases Fans About Her Upcoming Music Album

The convicted Queen Ayyan Ali, who was arrested way back on 14th March 2015, is returning back to the Pakistani… Read More

Good News! Karachi University Announces That It Will Not Take Late Fee Charges From Students

The ongoing pandemic has got everyone stressed out. Especially, the online class dilemma is making almost every student crack their… Read More

Saudi Arabia Allows ‘Bold Photoshoot’ Of International Models In Madina

Saudi Arabia has allowed a controversial photoshoot of international supermodels to take place in the province of Madina. The photoshoot,… Read More

A Private School Wants Students To Take ‘Online Swimming Classes’ & We Are Confused

During the ongoing coronavirus season, the schools have started a new trend of online education in the country. The online… Read More

Pakistani Man Spends $30,000 Only On The Add-Ons Of His Golden Heavy Bike

Having more money than knowing what to do with could, supposedly, be a burden. However,  Ahsan Iqbal Hashmi, a goldsmith,… Read More

You Can Still Play PUBG In Pakistan Despite A Ban! Want To Know How?

The news of the PUBG ban is making the public in Pakistan go through a dilemmatic experience. Many people are… Read More

This 10-Year-Old British Pakistani Boy Is A Guinness World Record Holder!

The year 2020 is turning towards quite a successful aspect for us Pakistanis. Glory marks again as another victory stands… Read More

Sushant’s Suicide Case To Get CBI Inquiry Soon After Pressure From Fans & Family!

A can of worms opened up in Bollywood subsequent to the sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. The level of… Read More

Rabi Pirzada Takes Back Her Words After Terming Indians Better Than Pakistanis

Rabi Pirzada is in hot waters again for her disrespectful statement about Pakistan. The former actress and singer made some… Read More

8-Years-Old Girl Beaten By Employers In Lahore For Allegedly Stealing Milk

Eight-year-old Sana, who was working as a domestic help in WAPDA Town Lahore, has been beaten by employers for stealing… Read More

5-Year-Old Ahmed Shah Becomes Youngest Pakistani YouTuber To Get Gold Button

The Pakistani entertainment industry is filled with talent, but what is more inspiring is how talented the Pakistani public is.… Read More