Video Of Lahori Father Beating Up His Adult Daughter Goes Viral And It’s Brutal!

daughters are not burden

We have always known the father and daughter relationship as something beautiful. Daughters being treated like angels from heaven. But it’s not the same for everyone. In the darker parts of our society, all kinds of ills are happening, where fathers beat their daughters.

A video of one such instance went viral on Thursday. A father abusing his daughter mercilessly. And not even a small helpless one but a grownup adult. This is certainly one painful sight that nobody wants to watch.

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Even though no reason is good enough for beating your adult daughter like that but in this case, it is as petty as one could imagine. Reportedly, the girl was being beaten because she did not turn on the motor as ordered by her father. And this drove her father so mad that he started beating her.

Also, this had not happened to her for the first time. She had been a victim of this abuse for a long time. And the reason to trigger the beating was always as petty every time.

The Girl Seeks Protection Against Her Father

This 20-year-old girl, Nimra, is a resident of Gulberg, Lahore, and has asked for protection against her father, Ishaq Khan, who doesn’t seem to intend to stop the merciless beating.

Her brother made this video and caught the father in the vicious act of assault on his daughter. Ishaq Khan, the father, is brutally thrashing her and had been yelling at her throughout the video.

The sad part here is that not only Nimra but all her siblings were a victim to his beating too. So, even if Nimra gets protection and is rescued from the abusive environment, her siblings would still be living the humiliating assaults. Also, this is not the only abusive household that exists.

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There are hundreds and thousands of families in Pakistan where children are a victim of the assault from either of their parents. So, something on a national level is required to be done to save the children suffering from such torture. Because a father beating an adult daughter or a son is absolutely unacceptable.

However, Nimra, for now, has requested the authorities to provide her protection and rescue her from the torturous environment. She had also added that her siblings often beat her up too.

“My brother made the video and it went viral, I want protection now,” said Nimra.

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