Heartwarming Story Of How A Viral Tweet Helps Islamabad’s Macaroni Guy Sell Out In Two Hours

islamabad macaroni guy

The power of social media can be remarkable sometimes, like Choudry Zaheer Jan, who has been selling homemade macaroni at Islamabad’s G-9 Markaz for over a month, never imagined a single post on social media would change his life and bring in hordes of customers.

On November 24, a Twitter user posted his story on her account and it went viral.

Jan, who sells boxes of macaroni out of his red Suzuki Mehran, was surprised to find customers already waiting for him when he pulled his car in its usual spot outside a mall. His boxes were sold out in a mere two hours and he left early that day. Many customers even messaged him and asked about his whereabouts.

“I am thankful to the people who uploaded my picture and stories. I have been receiving a really good response,” he told Dawn Images.

Every day, he and his younger brother bring 18 to 20 single-serving boxes of macaroni in their car. They sell them for Rs100 each. Three boxes are kept on the roof of the car and then he waits for customers from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Image: Dawn Images

Jan completed his intermediate privately. Speaking to the media outlet, he shared that he started the venture to help his father financially. “My father makes Rs25,000 per month and, sometimes, it’s not enough as we are a family of six,” he explained.

Image: Dawn Images

His mother and younger sister make the macaroni every day.

Why does he sell his product for too little?

“Most places sell burgers, fries, rice, and chicken dishes, and I wanted to offer a different dish and it helped that my sister and mother make really good macaroni,” said Jan.

Image: Dawn Images

Talking about the price, he explained that he wanted his product to be affordable for everyone. “People have told me that I am selling my product for too little but I want everyone to be able to taste our dish.”

Image: Dawn Images

In the meantime, he plans on expanding the business and including other dishes such as spaghetti. Some food app representatives have gotten in touch with him too and negotiations are underway.

When used for a good cause, social media can indeed be very powerful. A single Twitter post and a heartwarming story helped boost Jan’s business selling his mother’s macaroni.

By the way, there is also an MBA graduate who sells vada pav in the F-11 area of Islamabad. Also, in the Blue Area of ​​Islamabad, Muhammad Omar Kamal, a trained fellow from LUMS, sells homemade biryani.

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