We Are The Citizens Of A Country Where People Don’t Respect Each Others Rights, Let Alone Animal Rights

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We live in a world where animals are more loyal to us, rather than human beings. In our country, when a passerby running motorcycle or a car hits a stray animal, no one blinks an eye. It’s almost the same reaction of people when a car hits a pedestrian. Unfortunately, we are the citizens of a country where people don’t respect each other’s right, let alone ‘Animal Rights’

The law of 1890 – Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act – states ill treatment towards an animal is a punishable act and yet, KMC and CBC are shamelessly and inhumanely killing hundreds of stray dogs just to control their population and rabies.

The problem is, we people just want to eradicate the problem instead of trying to find a suitable solution.  As a matter of fact, that it’s all the matter of priority, our leaders are either busy in bashing each other or robbing people out of their money. We Pakistani’s are either too busy bragging about lavish lives, posting on snap chat or watching the latest movies.

Source: Occupy for Animals

On the other side, we have people who have pets. Especially we have ailurophile (extreme cat lovers.) and dog fanatic. We all adore our pets and can’t imagine our lives without them. We take care of them, feed them and love them as if they are our own child. (Relatable for pet lovers!)

But now, only for once, even for a fleeting moment, we imagine our own pet being fed a poisonous capsule that ends their life. Quite an agonizing vision isn’t it? Would you rather let your own pet be killed but not raise a voice against the inhuman act being done to stray dogs in the city of lights?

Are you not aware? Don’t you feel a ping of remorse and disgust at all? Doesn’t it make you weep that many dogs who have nothing to us are being killed coldheartedly for something that can be amended?

Source: IBTimes UK

It’s not like that this is the overpopulation of dogs or the raising hazard of rabies is only happening in our country. It has happened to many countries including USA and UK. The only difference is, they didn’t barbarically killed innocent creatures and eradicated their problem, instead they found a solution that did basically no harm to the dogs and also, improved their lifespan and health.

It is suggested to vaccinate and neuter them instead. The government can build facilities for this purpose or utilize the existing ones for this purpose. The private support should also be approached for help.  In all honesty, saving a life won’t cost you anything but instead, you can earn some good deeds.

Source: PotDrum

In the end, it’s all about priority. For us, we have our own selfish list of priories that we have loads of time for but yet, we turn blind eye to the vicious deeds done to the animals, not just dogs. We call ourselves ‘Muslims’ but we forget that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) warned us. “Whoever kills a sparrow or anything bigger than that without a just cause, God will hold him accountable on the Day of Judgment.”

Following that; “Fear God in your treatment of animals.”

This article is neither to gain your sympathy nor to make you feel humiliated. This article is just a reminder that our Prophet has warned us.  We should fear Allah’s wrath. This article wasn’t only written to shed light on whole ‘killing stray dogs’ campaign but also for the animal protection rights.

Please, teach your child that’s not okay to hurt a fragile animal for few giggles and praises. It’s not okay if your child or even an adult person abuses animals either physically or emotionally. It’s not okay if you abduct someone’s pet and sell them for your profit gain. It’s not okay to dispose of pets when you get bored of them or they become too sick to take care of. It’s not okay to hurt them for your entertainment. It’s not okay that you starve your pet to discipline them. It’s not okay to use animals to test your experiments.

Source: Safia Simon’s blog

This is all wrong and we, humans and especially should know better because we are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) who couldn’t bear harm to animals. We are the creation of Allah Almighty who has ordered us not to mistreat an animal.

May Allah give us the strength and power to fight the evils of this world.

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