Videos Of Nasir Khan Jan And Hamza Maqsood Will Show You What Having Confidence Is Really Like

Videos Of Nasir Khan Jan And Hamza Maqsood Will Show You What Having Confidence Is Really Like

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From Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ to Waseem Hassan Sheikh’s advertisements it seemed that we have seen it all, while many people laughed at their work, there were many people who praised their confidence and their ability to hit where their work would be the only thing being discussed in the country. Social Media has given fame to many personalities in Pakistan, majority of these include people who made videos, Nasir Khan Jan and Hamza Maqsood are no different.

Nasir Khan Jan


Source: musicjinni

Assalam Alaikum, I am Nasir Khan Jan” the punchline used by Nasir Khan Jan, a 30-year-old, who is an “incoming model” & loves media and has a big wish to work in the media, at least that’s what his Twitter bio says, he runs a Facebook page which has over 32,000 likes, rocking in his wayfarers, he makes videos which include messages for people, mostly for women which in his words are “striving to get him”.

Nasir Khan Jan also gives a shout out to people on their birthdays and advertises for brands via his videos and charges roughly Rs.3000, he has also promised the first thing he shall do after earning Rs.1 Lac from his videos is to go for Umrah. Although people might laugh at his videos but one definitely gets impressed by his confidence to make videos despite the negative comments left by his viewers in the comments section.

This Is The First Video On His Facebook Page

Going through his earlier videos will make you realize that he wasn’t as smooth and confident as he is now, and has only become more confident since then, also it can be noticed that his earlier videos had a huge part of them in Pashto.

He Enjoys Sports And Can Be Seen Advising People To Carry Out Physical Exercises For Good Health

Some Major Part Of His Videos Include Spreading Awareness About The Benefits Of Fruits

Since He Spreads All Kinds Of Awareness, Here Is One For Girls

Nasir Khan Jan Can Also Be Seen To Be A Supporter Of Hillary Clinton

Hamza Maqsood


Source: YouTube

Hamza Maqsood, his friend who also happens to make videos and seems to have no less confidence as his friend Nasir Khan Jan. According to them, Hamza Maqsood also runs a page, but upon searching only his real Facebook profile can be found. Hamza Maqsood’s videos also contain messages for young people. Nasir Khan Jan and Hamza Maqsood can be seen making a lot of videos together and have 3 videos in which they are interviewing each other on Nasir Khan Jan’s page:

Hamza Maqsood In His Videos, Mostly Only Includes Messages For Young People Rather Than Touching Other Topics Like His Friend

Talking About Love Marriages:

A Message For The People Who Photoshop Their Pictures:

Talking About Food:

The Importance Of Fire:

One Message For His Haters And People Who Make Fun Of Other People:

At The End Nasir Khan Jan Will Always Be There To Help Us:

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