VIDEO: Science Says Yes To The Islamic Sunnah Way Of Drinking Water

Science, today, is developing and answering questions that have remain unanswered since the beginning of humanity. The development and growth in science has gained speed in the last couple of centuries. It is more likely due to investments in the fields of science leading to increasing research and experimentation. As science grows it continues to tell humanity how to lead a healthy life. Consequently, science today says yes to many things that the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah have answered more than 1400 years ago. One of those is sitting and slowly drinking water.

The Prophet Mohammad SAWW defined every bit of our lives, the do’s and don’ts. Islam gives a complete way of life. Islam describes what we should do and should not do and that if we choose to do something, how should we do it. His teachings tell us how to get married, how to eat, how to drink, how to treat our parents, spouse and even how to be with kids. The Prophet also discussed the rights of neighbors, family members, and even prisoners. There is a lot more. Islam even describes the do’s and don’ts of a war. And among those many things that Islam teaches us, some of them are now being proven by science, 1400 years after the Prophet Mohammed SAWW.

Prophet Mohammed SAWW’s life and his Sunnah are a treasure for Muslims to follow and live a healthy and happy life. Honey was told to be a cure for diseases. Science today says yes to it. Cupping was said to be the treatment for dozens of diseases by the Prophet, and today the world witnessed how so many athletes of Rio Olympics 2016 went towards it as their mode of treatment. Prophet Mohammed SAWW made it a Sunnah to take a nap in afternoon and science today says it is great to regain energy. There are plenty more…

Prophet’s teachings that are being proven by science today are abundant and they include how should we eat or drink too. Obviously, who would know the humans better than the creator? So the creator Allah used his messenger Prophet Mohammed SAWW to tell us how to feed ourselves.

The Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed SAWW tells us to drink in 3 gulps and no less. It also says to sit while you eat or drink. Now science has proven that sitting while drinking and slowly drinking water is very good for health. A viral video spreading on the internet with thousands of shares proves the health benefits of sitting while drinking. It talks about how standing while drinking could damage the kidney and other body organs and how sitting and taking smaller sips can improve health.

Watch the video below:

But hey science, we knew this already, and we will continue to lead a healthy and happy life following the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAWW.

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