Video: Pakistani Constable Shamelessly Slaps A Female News Reporter on National TV

Respecting women – an ethical value that is always questioned in our society – and once again, questions are raised.

News of a security guard slapping a female news reporter of a local news channel went viral today and the Pakistanis were not happy.  What was even more appalling than the act itself was the fact that the big media channels did nothing to raise this issue and stayed quiet.

Here’s the video:

Twitter, as usual, was not happy

Sadly, she is not the only victim

Everyday, many people, specially women, are becoming victims of public physical abuse at the hands of these so-called security officers. The ones who believe that they can do whatever comes to their mind without being held accountable.

Would this have happened if it were a male reporter who was just as capable of attacking back? I don’t think so.

People like him should be punished harshly

so that everyone everywhere with even a shred of power does not abuse their power and turn it into a show of strength by suppressing the weak.

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