This Video on the Famous “Khana Khud Garam Karo” Line Pretty Much Sums Up Everything!

Aurat March took place a few days ago and all hell broke loose – not for the women, but for the men who couldn’t digest the fact that some women, who may have faced the consequences of patriarchy, called them out.

Women, all over the world were talking about their rights and the issues they have faced based on their gender. What made Aurat March stand out prominently was the way it covered diversity all over the globe. Be it whatever sect, religion or race, women were united and that was seen in Pakistan as well.

The One Slogan That Stood The Most Was “Khud Khana Garam Karo

A lot of Pakistani men started talking about how heating the food is not even a major issue that was bought at the Aurat March with such significance.


So Anyway, With All the Hype Around the Slogan, Maansals, a Facebook Decided to Make a Video on This and Gave a Message As Well

In their video, they showed that the woman who is at home watching TV tells her husband who comes home from work to heat up his own home. He then, in a light manner, narrates down a list of all the chores men usually do, such as buying the goats on Bakra Eid and dropping the kids off to school.

Here’s the Video:

However, There’s a Second Part of the Video

This part reveals how women are not given the credit they fully deserve. Men, on the other hand, do not feel involved in their household chores, and it has never been the duty of a woman only, but something that was made due to the society.

While many have not agreed with the message given in this video, here’s what creators had to say:

It was an effort to connect with the masses!
It was shocking that some women actually wished me death. That is an ineffective way of getting the other person to understand your point!

At one point in life, I realised that I have a lot of religious extremists on my page as followers.. i was scared at first, but then I realised its an opportunity for me to change their opinion!
No one will listen to me if they dont think of me as their own!

My strategy is quite simple now.
Step 1: Become one of them.
Step 2: Challenge them to see the story of the otherside.

Thats become our theory & mantra, as simple as that.

So what do you think about this video?

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