This Video of Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Saeed has Made Some Pakistanis Furious!

When it comes to building a relationship between India and Pakistan, it is never simple. There are intense moments which involve bumps and hurdles, all based on the backlash one can receive from the citizens of both countries. People will comment and spread negativity based on sheer hatred they share for Indians and vice versa.

However, it is indeed an established fact that Pakistan entertainers, if not all, but many have had a high note of success because of their debuts in India. Primarily because the Indian entertainment industry is far ahead in the league of films, whereas Pakistanis are still setting their foot after a decade of pause.

Out of the many entertainers who received recognition in both, India and Pakistan, Farhan Saeed Butt has managed to work on both lands through his magical voice. His recent song Thori Dair was loved by Indians and Pakistanis.

However, this old video recently surfaced on the internet where Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Saeed are grooving the song Halka Halka Suroor. In a private party of 2015, the two were seen enjoying the moment while singing and dancing on the song.

Here’s the Link to the Video:

What many Pakistanis are still mocking the singer about his how he touched SRK’s feet, something which the Hindus practice and not the Muslims. The resurfacing of the video which initially is two years old made some Pakistanis furious. However, the video was later removed from the page as it made a lot of people angry.

After these comments shared on social media, Farhan Saeed’s spokesperson stated the following:

“It clearly is a moment as they are sharing a joke and it seems like a part of the conversation that Farhan bent about something while laughing and singing.”

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time something like this came out and people disapproved of it. Mahira Khan has been the recent target of all the negativity after her Indian debut with SRK for the movie Raees.

Whether this was done in the stir of the moment or Farhan really meant what he did, it is something we should leave it to him and God to decide.

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