Whoa! Video Of A Giant Snake Being Lifted By Crane Leaves The Internet Dumbstruck

largest snake

A shocking video of a giant snake being lifted by a crane even as parts of its body hang to the ground has left social media users filled with awe.

A video clip is widely circulating online shows the huge snake being lifted by a heavy machinery vehicle in a forest. Some internet users claimed it was possibly the ‘largest snake in the world’.

Image: Mundo Hispanico

Several claimed that the video was from Dhanbad, the second-most populated city in the Indian state of Jharkhand. However, this has been proven false. Multiple reports have now linked the video back to a TikTok user called Fakrulazwa, who had shared the clip on the video app. After that, it quickly spread to other platforms.

According to The Independent, the jaw-dropping clip, which has racked up over 81.5 million views on the app, comes from Dominica, a Caribbean island. The reptile, which measures about ten feet long, was discovered while workers were clearing the rainforest in Dominica.

The snake’s body is seen resting in the claw of the digger. However, what appears to be remarkable is that its head still nearly reaches the ground while it is being lifted up. The enormous reptile has reportedly been identified as a boa constrictor by NPR.

Image: Unsplash

In a follow-up video, the user shows three men struggling to lift the reptile and failing to fit it into a small sedan. Although boa constrictors are not venomous, they are famous for subduing their prey by wrapping themselves around their victims and squeezing them to death.

Check out the video!

Did this creepy-crawly video give chills to your spine? It certainly blew the minds of social media users.

Anacondas are also native to the Boa species. In fact, they are the largest snake in this group. The only other snakes that can grow to the same length and size as an anaconda are pythons. Pythons can reach lengths of more than 30 feet, but they are not as massive as anacondas. An anaconda of medium size can easily outweigh a python of similar size.

While the video is now going viral, people are enquiring about the snake to dig out more details of what could be the largest snake to ever exist.

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