Video – Islamabad Police Raided A Private Party Where Illegal Substance Were Consumed!

The Pakistani police have always taken an action against illegal activities that take place in different areas of Pakistan. With the increase in consumption of illegal substance on private illegal parties, the police have taken active notice to shut them down.

Just yesterday, the news of a private party in Islamabad being raided was released. The recent raid at the Grand Ambassador Hotel, Islamabad, shook many Pakistanis and the police detained almost 50 young men and women who were found partying with loud music, smoking, consuming alcohol and performing obscene acts on songs.

This isn’t the first time a thing like this has happened in Pakistan, but a few incidents have taken place in the past which has also led to shutting down the place.

The raid had been issued by Assistant Commissioner Captain Retired Shoaib Ali on Sunday. However, all of the suspects that who were detained were released on a bail after a few hours. It has been stated that the individuals involved in this party belonged to well-off families took action as soon as the news came out.

However, a video surfaced on the internet shows the faces of those young men and women who were caught in the act.

Pakistanis Shared Their Views Under This Video As Well


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Many Pakistanis believe that there are much bigger issues which require the attention of the police, such as catching the terrorists. However, many forget that this comes under “illegal activities” which is neither allowed by the constitution of Pakistan, nor by the Shariah followed by the country.

Nonetheless, youngsters need to be careful before indulging in such activities, which not only tamper their reputation but may affect their nature and personality as well.

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