Upcoming Pakistani Thriller Verna Banned by the Censor Board for All the Wrong Reasons!

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Islamabad earlier today banned Shoaib Mansoor’s upcoming masterpiece, Verna. According to a number of reports surfacing on social media, the film has been banned by the authority in charge, pending a full-body review which will take place later in the evening.

Upon inquiring the from local cinemas, Parhlo gathered how the film will now be reviewed by full board today, which will indicate the release of the film across the country. It is essential for films to clear and receive a censor certificate before the release. Due to the decision by CBFC, premier of Verna in Lahore has been canceled for today.

The Censor Board Declares the Content of the Film as “Mature and Edgy”

Mahira Khan who plays the role of a rape victim in the film also spoke on the matter and shared how “unfair” this is.

“We are obviously hoping that the film will be released on the expected due date, 17th November, without any cuts. Because there is nothing wrong with the film,”

“We are still wondering what aspect of the film has aroused the decision of banning the film by the board. It is beyond my understanding,”

Haroon Shahid also Tweeted on how the Game is Now in the Hands of the Censor Board

Given how the Film Talks on a Number of Social Subjects, Such as Rape, Fans Across Pakistan are Not Happy with this Decision

The Sindh Board Cleared it Earlier


The Irony!

Hoping to see what happens after the review passes by the full censor board. Given how Shoaib Mansoor has always given Pakistanis amazing films, shedding light on social subjects, Verna isn’t any less of what we are all hoping to see.

Good luck to team Verna!

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