Veena Malik Just Took Serious Shots At Nawaz Sharif & PML-N And She Might Join Politics Soon!

We have seen the revival of Veena Malik in the past few years. After getting married and starting her family, Veena Malik left the film industry for good. We have often seen her doing religious shows and even started her own political satire show with her husband. In the middle of that, we also heard a lot of rumors about her separation from her husband.

With all of that aside, Veena Malik sure knows how to keep herself in the news.

From the Past Few Weeks, We Are Seeing a Savage Side of Veena Malik

The Pakistani actor and host keeps herself pretty active on social media and tweets on various matters every now and then. Previously, she even tried to school Sania Mirza and well, that had gotten ugly at that time. But Veena Malik is fearless and speaks her heart out on a number of things, especially political dynamics.

It clearly seems that Veena Malik is super anti-PMLN and Nawaz Sharif. She leaves no chance on calling out our former Prime Minister on Twitter and she does that in a pretty savage manner.

Let’s see some of the examples that will surely amaze you:

I Mean, Just Look At the Savagery Here!

Quoted Imran Khan and Called Out Maryam Nawaz

But Oh Boy, This One Is the Best Tweet Of All Time!

Veena Malik makes all the sense in the world. The supporters of the party may, of course, disagree but this is all logic. The former sitting PM wishes to seek treatment in a different country and not in the country which he ran himself. Why? Is he aware of the fact that he did nothing, took no measure to provide quality standard treatment?

And According to Veena Malik, PMLN Threatened to Take Actions Against Her

Which makes no sense because in this country, everyone has their free right to voice their opinions.

So what do you think? Does Veena Malik make sense and is it right for her to be this vocal about the political concerns?

One may wonder that she may be looking forward to entering the political circle of Pakistan…

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