After Releasing This New Teaser, Was The Veena Malik Divorce Scandal A Publicity Stunt?

Veena Malik has been the talk of every other news channel and publication website since the past one month. Allegedly, it was stated that Veena filed a khula against her husband due to personal reasons. While the news continued publishing every new scoop they received, the likes of Muslim clerics such as Tariq Jamil tried to resolve the matter of holy matrimony between Veena and her husband.

While there may be some truth in the speculations of her separation, Veena Malik’s recent statements regarding her comeback in the world of showbiz proves how she might have availed the publicity she received.

In the light of various previous events that took place during Veena’s career in the world of entertainment, there is no surprise on how big the entertainer is when it comes to creating a controversial stunt.

Just recently, images from her shoot were floating over social media

Veena shared the following video where she is addressing fans about how she’s ready to release a surprise for them:

Here are some images from the shoot:

The teaser suggests that the name of the song is Dushman-e-Watan!

Following the name of the suggested teaser, the images shared on  social media suggest how the song will have a patriotic feel to it. We just hope it doesn’t turn out as controversial as Veena’s previous ‘patriotic’ photo-shoot that she carried out in India.

While there is no harm in making a comeback to the profession one has always admired, the talk of the matter is how one may be seizing the opportunity to gain the interest of the public. As low as it may sound, many entertainers around the world practice the same behavior. Regardless of what the truth may be, here’s to hoping Veena Malik makes a comeback worth all the attention!

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