Veena Malik was Schooled for Saying how Ayesha Gulalai Sold her Dignity for Money!

Day 3 and Pakistanis are still bashing Ayesha Gulalai for all her controversial remarks regarding PTI’s chairman Imran Khan. The crux of the story, which by now you might be pretty aware of, is that Gulalai wished to have a ticket as the MNA was a part of PTI for quite some time. However, Gulalai has been persistent that she was harassed by party’s chairman, leading to why she left the party.

Pakistanis had their take on the matter and many stated how her accusations are bogus and Khan denied her request for the ticket on accurate grounds.

Pakistani actress-turned-anchor Veena Malik’s take on this Ayesha Gulalai fiasco somewhat contradicted to what she used to do for a living. While the actress has left it in the past, the internet, after all, is never too forgiving.

This Is the Tweet She Made

The Internet Sent her some Nasty Reminders

And They Kept Pouring

And More!

But None of this Stopped Veena from Tweeting Against Gulalai

And Here She Goes Again

And Someone Pointed the Irony Perfectly

As someone who did pretty worse things in her life to get fame and money, Veena Malik definitely needs to think twice before mocking someone else. It’s not about right or wrong – it is about understanding how given the gravity of the situation, you need to think twice before mocking someone this way.

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