‘Main Ek Deendar Shakhs Se Shadi Karna Pasand Karungi’ – Veena Malik Opens Up About Remarrying

veena malik remarrying deendar

Veena Malik may not be seen on the big screen anymore, but she still manages to stay in the spotlight. The controversial figure, Veena Malik lately opened up about the possibility of remarrying but a deendar shakhs.

Malik tied the knot with Asad Bashir Khattak in 2013, however, both parted their ways four years later. The former couple has two kids together.

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Veena Malik sat down for an interview with a local media outlet recently and opened up about the possibility of remarrying a deendar shakhs. “If at all I marry again [sic], I would want to marry a pious person,” she said.

“Because a person who has the fear of God can never harm you, but one who does not have the fear of God is an oppressor,” she continued. “So, I would like to marry a guy who is good-looking and with whom I can carry forward my relationship from this world to Jannah. There is no one right now, but inshAllah there will be someone somewhere.”

Netizens react to Veena Malik’s comment

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The ex-husband of the popular film actor issued a defamation notice of Rs500 million to her last year for damaging his reputation and ‘unlawfully’ taking his children’s custody to Pakistan from UAE. He also revealed that Malik had not only deceived him but also fooled Maulana Tariq Jameel.

While shedding light on what went wrong in their relationship, the actor’s ex-husband made some shocking revelations. “You see, this woman has always been spoilt,” he had stated.

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“I wanted to get divorce right two months after marrying her,” Khattak added. “She physically attacked me in London. And that time, I called Maulana Tariq Jameel and told him it is not possible for me to stay with this woman. She is a crazy woman.”

While talking about his divorce, he disclosed that Malik took divorce from him without even letting him know. She pretended to be his wife the entire time. He was sent to America, and when he returned she had already submitted the divorce papers.

“And when we patched up, even then she double-crossed me,” he further revealed. “The divorce papers that she submitted, she had never taken them back. However, she kept lying that she did. While the process was underway.”

Earlier, Khattak said in a tweet, which contains Malik’s abusive and threatening call to him, that Veena brought his US national children to Pakistan from Dubai using fake court orders and then shifted them to an undisclosed location.

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