‘Constant Delay In Payments’ – Veena Malik & Mishi Khan Shares Their Career Switch Journey In The Industry

In the Pakistani entertainment industry, several artists and celebrities have been in the limelight for their controversial acts and made it to the headline.

Among all of those, Veena Malik also joins the league for the scandalous photoshoot that happened a decade ago, her turbulent personal life, and sudden rediscovering herself in the religion where she finds herself a much better person.

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After a long disappearance from the media, Veena Malik appeared at the Tim Out with Ahsan Khan along with another famous actress Mishi Khan who has given her fans some iconic roles.

Both of them joined the platform to share their journey, shared some insights, and discussed their career switching roles.

Veena Malik and Mishi Khan in conversation with Ahsan Khan

It’s a big surprise for the viewers to see Veena Malik appearing at Ahsan Khan’s show because it’s been a long no one knew where Veena Malik is.  

Source: Express Tribune

Ahsan Khan asked Veena Malik the reason behind her disappearance from the media, to which she responded “I think a few people can relate to my situation. The problem with falling in love with something is that one day you wake up and you’re not in love with it anymore.

You don’t feel like doing that project anymore. What do you do then?” She added, “When I feel like a project I am working on is becoming bigger than the brand Veena Malik, I get skeptical of it and leave.”

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Then the host shifted his attention to Mishi Khan and asked her the reason behind her switching career from acting to hosting live shows. Because it’s a big step towards the career knowing that you’re acting career is on right track. Mishi said, “People think things happen all of a sudden, but that’s not the case. My life has progressed slowly, just like theirs. I worked in an airline for six or seven years.”

‘Constant delay in payments’ – Mishi Khan

Mishi continued that “I like to go with the flow”, she further added, “When I came back, I didn’t have the disposition to work from 10 in the morning to 10 at night with people repeatedly telling me to shoot one more scene before I can have a meal. I didn’t want to go through that, which is why I opted for a live show.”

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The actor also put some light on the constant delay in payments being an actor made me switch my career. “You work for a few hours with full energy, wrap up and go home. You work with full commitment. It’s not like busting dance moves all day and not getting a lunch break till night time, and when you do you’re being rushed to start another scene.”

Not only that, she elaborated that currently with the indecency of roles offered in dramas and high standards of beauty also led her to switch to live shows. She shared, “It’s also about evolving as a person.

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I can’t just be an actor and keep playing the same old roles of the maasi, phuppi, or bhabi. Always making the same miserable face and saying lines like, ‘You have wronged me.’ Also, since I’m good-looking and have maintained myself, why are you constantly telling me to apply whiteners? I’d rather slap you in the face.”

‘I am working on my terms’ – Veena Malik

Talking about the switch in careers, Veena Malik made the big switch from entertainment to religious and revealed her admiration for Maulana Tariq Jamil. She also rejoined the showbiz world but with some limitations and terms.

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She shared, “I’ve just signed one project, and that hasn’t even started shooting yet. I have been working on my terms. Not just work, I have been living my life on my terms, and there’s a price we have to pay for that.”

On the thin edge line between culture and religion, Veena Malik added, “In our society, culture has dominated religion. People think shalwar kameez is our religious attire.

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The person who wears shalwar kameez is a religious person and the person who wears jeans isn’t. That’s not right. These are cultural things, and people make celebrities’ lives a living hell because of them.”

No one can forget when she moved to host the Ramazan show after being too much into the scandalous controversies. The Internet went crazy at that and trolls were high at their peak. On this big move, Veena shared, “Ever since I was a child, my connection with God has been very strong.

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I’ve taken a lot of breaks in my career because I always felt guided by God. When I met Maulana Tariq Jamil, I was very impressed by him and I wished to change my lifestyle. Not just because of him though, since I’ve been inclined towards religion since I was a child.”

While being a religious person, Veena Malik last year revealed that she wants to remarry to a religious person. And before her revelation, her ex-husband shared that she’s a big drama queen.

‘I spent time in getting religious education’ – Veena Malik

She also put some light on the issue that people have with the celebrities who move towards religion and parting their ways from showbiz.

She said, “I spent a lot of time getting a religious education. There’s a perception that the minute you quit showbiz, you can start preaching religion the very next day. That’s not the case. There is education involved. I have read the entire Quran, but I don’t have the confidence to explain any verses or hadith with confidence.

Source: Paki Mag

She even talked about the harshness that celebrities are treated, she said, “There are two types of sinners. Those who sin against God and those who sin against people.

When it comes to God, it’s about how many religious commandments you are following. This is strictly between you and God. As far as people are concerned, it’s about being a fine person. Not taking advantage of anyone, not taking what isn’t yours.”

She concluded, “People can be so brutal when it comes to celebrities. They don’t understand that the celebrity hasn’t done them any wrong personally. Certain things are between God and the person. People shouldn’t try to play God. My appearance may be different, but I am a much better person now than who I used to be.”

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