Veena Malik Did Something Super Naughty With Her Husband And Made Everyone ROFL

A few years back, when Veena Malik got married and left the industry while she had already established her name in different entertainment mediums. Years later, she came back and hosted Ramadan transmissions.

In addition to her off and on appearances on the silver screen, Veena Malik recently went through some marriage difficulties with husband Asad Khan. While the couple settled the dust quickly and picked their family again, there was no bad news regarding the couple until now.

Shared on her Instagram, It Seems the Couple is Ready to Bring Something Hilarious for the Viewers

Called, “Ye Kya Baat Hoi Hai” Veena Malik and husband Asad Khan are going to star in a hilarious political show.

In the title track of the show, Veena Malik has sung words such as, “Roti, Kapra, Ayyan, container speeches,” while addressing the political shortcomings of our nation.

The show would have mimicry, while the actress, as well as some other supporting stars, would play the roles of key political figures of our country.

Here’s a Glimpse of her Talent

So let’s see if this show manages to give the long due success Veena Malik has been searching for. There is no doubt, the actress does some really fine mimicry. Let’s hope it does the trick for the Pakistani audience now because puns and jokes are what matter the most.

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