Vasay Chaudhry Releases Public Apology For A Guest’s Remarks On Overseas Pakistanis

Vasay Chaudhry apologizes for his offensive remarks on his popular show Mazaaq Raat. He out of nowhere found himself in the hot boiling water when his guest made some serious remarks about the against overseas Pakistanis.

Vasay Chaudhry is one of the popular directors and actors who has delivered some great films that became blockbusters.

Source: Express Tribune

Fun fact, the offensive remarks were not passed by his guests and he’s apologizing because she arrived at his show. A great gesture.

During the show, actor Sara Neelum ridiculed the expats saying that overseas Pakistanis boasted about living in a foreign country by wearing cotton suits when they are in their home country.

After the episode, Vasay Chaudhry released an apology to his fans and oversea Pakistanis for such a ridiculous comment.

Vasay Chaudhry Apologize

We all know apart from his comic timing, Vasay Chaudhry is a disciplined person, and understanding the scenario he took to the microblogging site where he apologized to his fans.

His personal apology came for all the oversea Pakistanis acknowledging that the comments made were both foolish and offensive.

His tweet read, “I want to publicly apologize on behalf of my whole team at Mazaaq Raat. A very stupid, vile, and ridiculous comment was made recently about overseas Pakistanis by one of the guests in our show which was followed up by an attempted joke by one of the comedians (again in bad taste).”

Formal Broadcast Apology

He acknowledged the impact of the comments and felt it need more of a comprehensive response. So, he announced that he will release a formal apology during the upcoming episode of Mazaaq Raat. The details of the apology have not been disclosed.

Continuing further on Twitter, he said, “A formal apology will be aired in tonight’s episode. However, I wanted to personally apologize to all the Pakistanis living abroad. We love you, even though you might not feel the same at this point, but mistakes are made by one’s own people.”

Vasay hosted the 2021 PISA award and during the event, he shared his opinion in which he stated that it’s difficult to keep the audience happy.

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