Varun Dhawan’s Heart-warming Response To Mahira’s Message About Afghan Refugees Will Make You Smile!

Rumors had it that there is a secret project going on with Mahira Khan but nobody knew what it is. Just a day before she herself shared that she visited the Afghan refugee camp in Karachi. She has been consecutively working with UNHCR (united nations high commission of refugees). Mostly Afghan refugees, but this time the story that she shared on her Instagram was heart melting.

She wrote;

These two boys followed me around the whole time. They hadn’t watched any of my films but they insisted they knew someone called Raja. They said ‘Raja hero hai!’. We kept trying to guess who they are talking about. Finally, they sang a song from @varundvn ‘s film. They also said they want to be like him.
Told them one day inshAllah they will be.


Varun then responded to Mahira’s call and was very happy.

“That’s so amazing that you’re doing this work @mahirakhan. I saw the video and it brought a big smile to my face. Sending lots of love, thank you for sharing.”

He also thanked Mahira for the video that she shared with him!


She’s the most humble yet elegant actress Pakistan could ever have! She’s making Pakistan proud

The message that she actually wanted to give, through her Instagram was that the kids, that are drawn to Pakistan by their unfortunate fate are the refugees. They also are the future of Pakistan. These are the kids who are accompanied without their parents and some of them are even born here.

Kudos girl! More power and prayers to you. May you grow and prosper to serve the ones in need.