E-Cigarette Vaping Causes Another Case Of Lung Failure

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The last month has been very tough for vaping enthusiasts around the world. It seems that finally, cases of illnesses regarding e-cigarette vaping are coming up. In Michigan USA, a 17-year-old boy was hospitalized with failing lungs due to his addiction.

Doctors at the Henry Ford Hospital claim that the boy was facing ‘imminent death’ had they not performed a double lung transplant in time. Only recently, US President Donald Trump had said that he would try to keep a check and balance on the vaping industry.

Vaping illnesses

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Dr. Hassan Nemeh, a doctor at the hospital said the 17-year-old was a regular e-cigarette user. Just like him, millions of people around the globe have given into the addiction to vaping. Many consider it an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Moreover, as per Reuters, the family of the young boy is out to warn the public of unprecedented illnesses that the addiction carries. Even though research says that all material used in vaping products is tested and tried, such cases have recently gone viral.

A recent outbreak of vaping illnesses

Within a very short period of time, our lives have been forever changed. (The boy) has gone from the typical life of a perfectly healthy 16-year old athlete … to waking up intubated and with two new lungs, facing a long and painful recovery process as he struggles to regain his strength and mobility, which has been severely impacted,” said a family member of the boy.

A CDC research recently proved that in the year, there have been 2051 reported lung injuries due to vaping. These cases took place in the USA alone. Furthermore, there have been 39 confirmed deaths due to e-cigarettes as well.

However, the gist of it is that 85% of these patients had been using THC in their vapes. The addition of Marijuana plus chemicals has caused this recent outbreak. There has been a lot of debate on social media regarding vaping and its effects.

US Disease Control and Prevention said that the main reason behind this outbreak is the presence of Vitamin-E acetate, something that is harming lungs. When the lungs start failing, the patient usually catches pneumonia.

Tobacco mafia behind the news?

However, it is pertinent to add here that vaping enthusiasts think of this outbreak completely differently. People have been claiming that this whole agenda is a move by the tobacco mafia throughout the globe.

Tobacco vaping

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Because ever since vaping came into the light, people have been switching from regular cigarette use completely. E-cigarettes and vaping are causing huge losses to the tobacco industry, worth millions of dollars.

There is an understanding among the ‘vape-nation’ that e-cigarettes are genuinely less harmful than cigarettes. The process cuts down the inclusion of tar and other unneeded substances. Vaping has changed the smoking game and has become famous with crowds across the globe. It is now up to the users, whether they give in or not, subject to these recent ‘researches’.

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