The Value Of Commitment And The Importance Of ‘Space’

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“I love you” is a commitment with one’s heart and mind. 
You love a person who is on your mind when you go to your bed to sleep. You love a person who comes first in your mind when you wake up.

Humans, not people, I repeat; humans, not people, are always hungry for love. When you say that you love someone means that your heart, your mind, and your soul accepts them the way they are and you are completely satisfied with that person. 
Confessing that you are head over heels in love with someone makes them feel so special that they start dreaming of you. It creates a special place for you in their heart. Then, the relationship between two hearts, two minds, and two bodies begins.

You should tie yourself into this precious bond only when you both can understand each other, each other’s meanings and each other’s problems wholeheartedly because failed understanding can not help.

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Understanding someone is the only thing which allows you to give some space, not proxemics, but the mental space to your partner.

“Space” acts as a foundation for any relationship, “trust” acts as a pillar and “not telling a lie” acts as a catalyst. 
Talking particularly about the space, every relationship needs space; the space where your partner feels free to talk to you, the space where your partner does not hesitate while telling or discussing any kind of issue with you, the space where your partner feels comfortable with you, the space that allows your partner to not get into any kind of complex whilst talking to you, the space that allows them to remember you wherever they are or with whoever they are, the space to live their life the way they want, the space that lets them share little things and every happening event with you without thinking what you will think about them, the space where they defend you in your absence.

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After the tortuous journey of understanding and trusting each other, they tie themselves into a stronger bond of marriage. Now, they are both more than true friends. Now, they both are real partners. They share memories, they share things, they share even their life. That’s why they are called life partners.

Like all other partnerships, this partnership also needs mutual cooperation; Both should love each other equally, both should work equally, both should give and take from each other equally. No one is superior and no one is inferior.

It’s not the sole duty of one partner to serve the other. But yes, in the crisis situation, it is the sole duty of one partner (either its the husband or the wife) to serve the other and in return, the other should not risk his self-respect on this act of kindness by the one helping them.

This is how the cycle of life goes on. This is how you meet the commitment you made to someone’s heart and mind by saying “I love you”. 
We need to rethink and unlearn our old concepts!


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