Netizens Slam Uzma Khan After She Withdraws Case Against Malik Riaz’s Daughters

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Actress Uzma Khan has reportedly withdrawn the case against Malik Riaz’s daughters who she claimed barged into her house and physically assaulted her. Uzma also in various interviews said she won’t compromise her respect for money which was being offered to her. However, now she has withdrawn the case against them.

Surprised? well not really. Many people already predicted that she would back out of her case and will settle for the money. Though, she earlier asserted that money is not important for her and she will fight for justice till her last breath.

‘It was all a misunderstanding’

But, now she has called the incident as a ‘misunderstanding’ and said that whatever happened was an ‘accident’ (not due to the physical assault by the women).

Last month, Uzma submitted an application to Defence C Police. While she said now the case last week was lodged on the basis of a misunderstanding and that she no longer wants to pursue it.

She recorded a similar statement before Judicial Magistrate Nauman Nasir of Lahore Cantt Courts under Section-164 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), saying she wants to withdraw the case. Her sister, Huma, in her separate statement recorded under Section-164 of CrPC said ‘no such occurrence’ (a reference to the violence) had taken place at their house.

Not to forget, Huma was the one who actually got hurt during the incident. Her bleeding foot became the highlight of the whole incident.

“[The] accused party has not made any torture upon me,” she said. Adding that the injuries she was seen to have sustained in social media videos were caused by broken glass from a table. She further said the suspects nominated in the FIR are ‘innocent’.

Khadija Siddiqui, Hassaan Niazi disassociate themselves from Uzma case

Soon after the news about settlement got viral, Uzma’s legal team including stabbing survivor Khadija Siddiqui and advocate Hassaan Niazi disassociated themselves from the case. They said that they already made it clear to their client that they won’t be part of any settlement.

Niazi also in a video message said that he knew that there will be a compromise but we stand for a woman abuse.

Twitter is not forgiving Uzma Khan for her ‘misunderstanding’

Moreover, people are now bashing Uzma from right to left. They are calling her greedy, homewrecker, and what not for creating a whole lot of drama and then withdraw the case.

The settlement occurred after Malik Riaz initiated a legal proceeding against Uzma and her legal team. He also filed a defamation case of Rs 5 billion on them. Earlier, he had denied any involvement in the case, threatening to file a defamation lawsuit against anyone trying to wrongfully implicate him.


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