‘I’m In Lahore And I Haven’t Taken Any Settlement Money’, Claims Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan Scandal

We all know where it all started. It is the infamous infidelity scandal where we are constantly witnessing women at the front while the men have taken the back seat. Sure, when you live in a world where people are living for gossip, such news reports often make rounds for days.

From Amna Usman and her mother barging into Uzma Khan and her sister‘s house for allegedly having an affair with her husband to dragging all the way down to courts – these women are not sparing a single soul involved in this entire debacle.

Ever since the entire scandal got out, people have been assuming things. Not only do these actresses have to handle the entire situation of threats, abuses, and everything, they also have to explain every now and then on whatever they’re up to.

In this video, however, Uzma Khan explains to her viewers that she hasn’t gone anywhere. She isn’t in Dubai but in Lahore. While we know that the infamous mother-daughter duo has fled away from the scene, Uzma Khan and her sister are trying to fight the entire situation.

She says, “I request DIG Punjab to look into my situation, set a meeting with me to put an end to this. If they ask me to resolve this in agreement, I will do that as well. Some people are asking me to sort this out in the agreement. Take the money and let this go lest we get murdered and bothered even more after all that has happened but I already feel dead.” She says with remorse and little hope from the situation.

From her words and expressions, it feels like she no longer wants to fight this but put an end once and for all. She says that she knows none of this will end permanently. This will come back in a month or two, or a year or two, she says. And then she also explained that she never took any settlement money. It is unfortunate that they have to live under the constant threat all their lives now.

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