Actress Uzma Khan Admits Usman Malik Has Been Her ‘Friend’ For 2 Years

Here is what actress Uzma Khan has to say about her "friendship" with Usman Malik

Since the videos of actress Uzma Khan went viral where a group of women along with armed guards barged into her house, causing unimaginable havoc everywhere. Social media has been distraught over the malicious behavior and has been demanding justice for her.

With property damaged, the actress and her sister beaten and harassed, Uzma Khan has finally spoken out. She has also released her official statement on the issue.

In a video, Uzma shared her side of the story

“This incident happened on Chand Raat. When I came out of Atikaaf Usman was sitting in the living room as he came to congratulate me for it,” she said.

“Only five minutes had passed when these guards jumped into my home and broke down the door”.

“The two women harassed and abused me and my sister mercilessly. Caused havoc in our home and threw glass vases on us.”

“This was in no way justifiable, you ask them why they did this to me. They have embarrassed and humiliated me in everyone’s eyes.”

She further added, “The women kept verbally abusing us, accusing us of things unimaginable.”

When asked about her relationship with Usman she said, “I have been friends with Usman Malik for 2 years.”

“I appeal to the police, government, army to help me seek justice. I am standing in front of the police station for 3 hours and no one is willing to file an FIR against such big names.

FIR finally registered

It seems the power of social media has awakened the government and now Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari has taken to Twitter to announce that an official FIR has been filed in Uzma Khan’s Case.

How it all started?

In the initial video that went viral, two women can be seen barging into Uzma’s house. Moreover, they broke things, beat the two sisters, and alleged them of adultery.

Actress Uzma Khan has alleged that the two women who entered her house were the daughters of Malik Riaz. Moreover, the women allegedly threat Uzma Khan with kerosine oil, violating their space, beating them, and breaking things in the house.

The stance of Usman Malik’s wife

The wife of the man at the center of the story, Amna Usman, also came out with her statement. As per Amna, she was the woman associated in the video and she has nothing to do with Malik Riaz.

She said Usman Malik wasn’t related to Malik Riaz and neither was she. Amna went on to say that she had warned Uzma Khan, asked her to stay away from her husband many times. However, the actress did not agree.

Malik Riaz’s reply to the viral video pertaining to Uzma Khan

Since the videos went viral, Malik Riaz had to issue a reply to Uzma Khan’s allegations against his family. The real-estate tycoon has categorically rejected the malicious propaganda. However, Uzma has claimed Usman is Riaz’s sister-in-law’s son.

Now as Uzma Khan seeks justice, she requests the people of Pakistan to stand by her in difficult times as stand against such influential individuals.

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