Uzma Khan Scandal Divides Social Media – Many Also Supporting Usman Malik’s Wife

Uzma Khan Dividing Social Media

Celebrity clashes, political fights, social issues, such stories go viral on the internet every now and then attracting the masses. In this technological era, social media has become the ultimate go-to for everyone in search of justice. However, the recent viral case of actress Uzma Khan has gathered massive attention with the netizens pouring in their opinions.

Apparently, a personal matter, the issue involves around the daughters, son-in-law of business tycoon Malik Riaz and actress Uzma Khan. Going public, Uzma Khan earlier released her official complaint on Twitter against the women. Currently, social media is filled with clarifications from both the parties involved which are getting divided opinions.

Uzma Khan and sister VS daughters of Malik Riaz

Uzma Khan has accused Malik Riaz’s daughters of blackmailing and harassing her. As per the actress, Riaz’s daughters barged in their house with gunmen, threatened, and beat them up. Followers and admirers soon dived in to support Uzma Khan and criticized the daughters for unlawful practices.

Gradually, more characters started getting in with their side of the story and divided the internet over unlawful and unethical grounds. While many are still in shackles on ‘who to support’, the majority has started siding ways from the matter. After Uzma Khan’s accusations, Usman Malik’s wife Amna Usman has come out with more details.

The other side of the story

According to the circulating video of Amna Usman, everything she did with Uzma Khan and her sister was right. Initially, she claimed the house she ‘barged in’ was her husband’s who, according to her. Interestingly, Amna denied having any association with Malik Riaz and believes that it’s being done to malign his reputation. 

Apparently, Usman Malik was involved with Uzma Khan from the last two years. Amna said she warned Uzma Khan multiple times to stay away from her husband and it was the fifth time when she raided the house and lost her cool.

People sending their support for the wife

Now, analyzing the social platforms, it seems like things have turned towards a more clear side for the admirers. While barrister Hassaan Niazi has sided with Uzma Khan and claimed Malik Riaz influences media. It is another interesting aspect because as per Amna Usman’s video, Niazi has some personal issues with Malik Riaz. Well, time will tell.

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