Usman Malik’s Wife Says Everything She Did With Actress Uzma Khan Was Right

Amna Usman

The trending topic of today, the ordeal that actress Uzma Khan went through has stirred a storm on social media. Allegedly, as per Uzma Khan, Malik Riaz’s daughters were responsible for the harsh treatment she and her sister received.

Now, the wife of the man at the center of the story, Amna Usman, Usman Malik’s wife, has come out with her statement. As per Amna Usman, she was the woman associated in the video and she has nothing to do with Malik Riaz.

She said that Usman Malik wasn’t related to Malik Riaz and neither was she. Amna Usman went on to say that she had warned Uzma Khan, asked her to stay away from her husband many times. However, the actress did not agree.

She said that Uzma claimed that she was sitting in ahtekaaf (religious deed). Moreover, she stated that the house that can be seen in the video was not Uzma Khan’s but was her husband Usman Malik’s second house. He had asked Uzma Khan and her sister to stay over in the house.

Amna Usman went on to say that there were no threats of throwing kerosine oil on Uzma and her sister, but it was alcohol. Alcohol that the women allegedly had been using.

The point to ponder upon remains Amna’s detachment from how she treated Uzma Khan. She showed no remorse over her actions and claimed that had she not done so, Uzma would have ruined many more lives.

This story keeps unfolding differently, and people keep coming out with their statements. Amna Usman’s statement proves that the women who barged in her house were not related to Malik Riaz, as she claims repeatedly. Thus, this makes Uzma Khan’s allegations incorrect and very dangerous.

All in all, the whole ordeal has wreaked havoc on social media and the debate continues to linger. Earlier, Uzma Khan filed a complaint with the police on the incident. Since then, Malik Riaz has replied to the allegations as well.

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