After Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Ushna Shah Speaks Out Against Harassment

The recent doctor-patient controversy involving Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s sister and a doctor of a renowned hospital has shaken up the entire nation. While some believe her to be right, others don’t subscribe to her definition of ‘harassment’

A Lot of Pakistanis Understood How Unethical it was on the Part of the Doctor to Add his Patient on Facebook

But Sharmeen Calling this ‘Harassment’ Stirred Arguments all Over the Social Media

After this News Geared Attention on the Social Media, the Aga Khan University Hospital Took Control of the Situation

It has been stated that the doctor, who also happens to be a father of four children was fired from the hospital.

Facebook: Aga Khan

While many people explained the right and the wrong in their own perspectives, Pakistani actress Ushna Shah explained the incident in a rather practical manner with a small anecdote.

Here’s What She Posted on Her Facebook:

When a woman goes to a male doctor, especially in Pakistan- she is blindly trusting and hoping against hope that when he is examining her, her body is simply a medical subject. She is a patient and he is looking at her, touching her, speaking to her as if she is a patient and nothing more. There is a filter on his eyes set by his years in med-school.

When he goes out of his way to look her up, that filter is broken. He wants to know her as a person, as a woman. Which MEANS, when he touched her and examined her, she wasn’t a patient, she was a woman and she did NOT sign up for that.

That being said, I’ve been harassed by my Endocrinologist from South City AND my physiotherapist in Lahore. I stopped going to both of them because I was uncomfortable. That’s effing inconvenient because they’re both supposedly the best in their fields.

So men who are getting pissed off and anti-feminist “cool girls” trying to impress those men with equally pseudo-enraged statuses, think hard at what this news regarding Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s sister represents. Think hard at what this facebook adding doctor represents and think hard about the world you want your daughters living in.

There are two sides of the same coin and one needs to be considerate enough to understand the other person’s perspective. Ushna Shah just showed the mindset of the doctor that we all missed talking about while we were busy focusing on the word ‘harassment’.

What’s your take on Ushna Shah’s post?

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