‘I’m Not An Abuser Sympathizer’, Ushna Shah Clarifies Her Previous Statement

Ushna Shah Abuser Sympathizer, that’s what everyone almost called her ever since she forgive Feroze Khan.

Yes, you heard it right, people aren’t liking her stance and trolling her for various reasons. To clear the bad air, Ushna Shah herself decided to clean the environment and shared her main agenda of it.

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She cleared that I am standing up against bullies that lead the victim to suicidal thoughts which we have already witnessed.

She took to her Instagram and wrote a detailed note to clarify her previous statement.

Ushna Shah Abuser Sympathizer – I’m Not!

Ushna Shah recently forgave Feroze Khan when he was accused by her wife of domestic violence. On her long note, she expressed that she was merely asking people to not push Khan to a suicidal limit for a crime that doesn’t warrant an execution.

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She wrote, “This Ramazan, I’ve stood up to a powerful corporation in solidarity with a woman who lost her father to them. I’ve stood up for a friend taken into custody unjustly. And I’ve urged people to not abuse an ex-colleague who allegedly wronged a woman, to a point where we might lose him like we lost Aamir Liaquat.”

She even highlighted that she had faced brutality from online comments and trollers. “I have urged people not to go to the other end of the extreme from which there is no turning back, for I have seen what social media does; the punishment for stealing may be chopping hands, but we tend to chop heads.”

Example of her wedding

She explained it further by giving an example of her wedding incidents. “The backlash at my choice to wear the supposed ‘Indian style lehenga’ and dance at my wedding, was a prime example.

So, when hundreds of thousands of people abuse a person for whatever they allegedly did and abuse their family relentlessly, day and night, nonstop.

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I know what that can do and it isn’t fair punishment. What I stand for is as per my conscience. I’m allowed my introspection, even if it faces backlash. I won’t apologize for it.”

“Not an ‘abuser sympathizer’. I am a human sympathizer and I don’t believe in killing people for a crime that doesn’t warrant an execution. Even if the alleged criminal was found guilty,” she wrote.

Faceless Mob Justice

She concluded her note, “I’ve had enough of faceless mob justice, the world has become too ugly and toxic, from the extreme conservative to the extreme woke end.

I have a voice, and I will lend it to any cause I see fit, be it animals, be it. Women who are allegedly wronged, be it actors who passed away and deserved (and vocally expected) more recognition from the people I work for. And be it alleged wrong-doers who are being punished too extremely.”

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