USC Scientist Suggests Earth’s Rotation is Accelerating, and the Muslims Attribute it to the Saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

USC Scientist Suggests Earth’s Rotation is Accelerating, and the Muslims Attribute it to the Saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Earth’s Rotation

Earth’s inner core is slowing down concerning its surface. Scientist from the University-of-Southern-California (USC) suggests – that the process, going on since 2010.

Earth has 3-layers and a core. The tension between the two is making the days shorter. The four layers of the Earth – called the mantle: comprise the Crust, Asthenosphere, and Mesosphere. The core comprises a hard-metal one that is solid, made of iron-nickel, surrounded by liquid: iron-nickel outer core.

The Study

Earth Inner Core

Earth’s outer core generates the planet’s volcanic activity and its magnetic fields. It moves the tectonic plates. The inner-core is the size of the moon. Scientists cannot reach it. Inner-core is 4,500 kilometers beneath the Earth’s Crust.

Scientist analyzes inner-core’s behavior by seismic waves and nuclear tests. Scientists at USC have found a unique way to understand the inner-cores activity.

Jhon Vidale Dean-Professor-of-Earth-Sciences, and his team – at USC studied multiple waveforms and repeating earthquakes.

With 121 earthquakes centering South-Sandwich-Islands between 1991 and 2023, and nuclear-test from the USA, France, and Russia the inner-core has slowed down.  

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For the first time in a decade, the inner-core has slowed down. “When I first saw the seismograms that hinted at this change, I was stumped,” John Vidale stated.

Jhon further, added “But when we found two dozen more observations signaling the same pattern, the result was inescapable. The inner core had slowed down for the first time in many decades.”  

Reasons Behind the Slowdown

The vigorous movement of the outer-core has slowed down inner-core movement which also affects the magnetic-field and volcanic tugs are caused by the core’s movement.

Scientists have discovered that change in the inner-core decreases Earth’s day by a minute-of-a-second.

“The dance of the inner core might be even more lively than we know so far.” Vidale added with the hope of taking their study forward.

The Saying of the Prophet

Muslims around the globe are attributing Earth’s day shorting to the saying of the Prophet referring to Judgment Day.

Scientific research also suggests that in the next 4-5 billion years, the Sun will die out and will increase in size, turning into a red giant before exploding.

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