Young Dr. Usama Riaz Sacrifices His Life Helping Coronavirus Patients

Dr usama riaz coronavirus

They said it only killed the weak, but it managed to take down a young hero. Dr. Usama Riaz, closed his eyes this Sunday while fighting his battle with Coronavirus all alone.

Dr. Usama Riaz – The Undying Hero!

Dr. Usama Riaz, who comes from Chilas of Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan, was a practicing doctor, posted on the Balochistan border. He, along with other crew members was responsible for the screening process of all those who were coming back from Iran.

Taftan border has raised many questions and hailed many difficulties for Pakistanis. Falling ill on Friday night, Dr. Usama was admitted to District Headquarter Hospital. However, fate had made its decision and Dr. Usama could not fight anymore.

Dr. Usama Riaz

Source: PakistanToday

Sunday night, Dr. Usama could not carry on, hence, he left this world forever. The people of Pakistan will always remember Dr. Usama and his hard work for his nation.

“Dr. Usama Riaz should be declared a national hero for his bravery against fighting Coronavirus”

Furthermore, the office-bearers of the Pakistan Medical Association had claims to make. They said that Dr. Usama could be saved, if only they had enough help from the government.

Who is to blame for the death of Dr. Usama Riaz?

They claimed that Dr. Usama could be saved if they were provided with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PMR) kits.

Moreover, there have been 16 new cases of Coronavirus in Gilgit-Baltistan, which total being 71. However, there are more pilgrims in Iran, which the government is still expecting to come back to Pakistan.

In my opinion, such pilgrims should not be allowed to leave the Taftan border, till a month or so. They have infected the entire country, with Pakistan becoming the 4th highest country with Coronavirus.

Lockdown is in process and it seems like to be the only profitable way out, but till when are we going to pretend?

The government should be answerable to all of us for these decisions which have led to the demise of of heroes such as Usama. We might sit at home, and think that this is some way of God punishing us, but why should we not question our own decisions as well?

Lockdown resulted in China being able to control the current situation, but remember, it is China we’re talking about. China is one of the biggest economies and has a much stable environment than Pakistan.

maulana Tariq Jameel

Source: twitter

Sindh Government has decided to lock down Sindh for the next three days, however, grocery stores and medical stores will remain open. Which means that people will still have to go out to get all the groceries, right?

Today in his speech and congregational prayer, Tariq Jameel mentioned how we all need to pray for God and ask for forgiveness; nonetheless, he is right, we do need a bit of redemption in our lives. Dr. Usama will live in our hearts forever, and may his soul rest in peace!


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