US Eases Pakistan’s Economic Burden With $8.4m Aid To Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 aid to Pakistan

Pakistan has been under a belting economic crisis for over a year now. With the COVID-19 coronavirus in swing, the economic conditions of the country have only deteriorated further. Tough times call for good allies, and the United States of America is stepping up its game.

The US ambassador to Pakistan, Paul Jones, announced that the US will provide Pakistan with $8.4 million as an aid to survive the pandemic. The contribution was announced through the US mission’s social media platforms.

From the $8.4 million aid package for Pakistan’s anti-virus efforts, $3m will be granted in the shape of three state-of-the-art mobile labs. This, in turn, will help secure and assess areas most affected by the coronavirus. The labs will also be able to monitor the spread in time.

Breakdown of the $8.4 million aid

Moreover, the grant will cover the establishment of high-tech emergency operation centers to counter the disease in Islamabad, Sindh, Punjab, KPK and Balochistan under the same package.

Another $2m out of the $8.4 aid will be used to train community health workers. These workers will then assist people inside their homes and distribute the burden being faced by hospitals. It is pertinent to notice and question, if this amount will be allocated to PM Khan’s ‘Corona Tiger Force‘ which will operate under the same SOPs.

Additionally, an amount of $2.4 million will specifically be used for Afghan Refugees (Muhajireen) to perform life-saving activities. This process will be administrated by the United Nations’ High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR).

The remaining $1m is believed to be used as per need since no details were given for the amount. This new contribution opens new horizons for Pak-US friendship and bilateral ties for the future. In context, the amount is specifically to be used to fight COVID-19 coronavirus and ease the burden of the national exchequer.

20 years of friendship between USA and Pakistan

Pakistani authorities labeled all these requirements as ‘top priority’ in the current situation. The $8.4m aid will be fully funded by the American taxpayer. This new aid package showcases how Pakistan and the USA have been in collaboration for over 20 years now. A total estimated $18.4 billion has been given to Pakistan by the US for development purposes over the years.

“Together, we can stop the spread of this deadly disease to protect our loved ones and regain our prosperity and freedom,” said Ambassador Paul Jones, before concluding his message.

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