Urwa Hocane a.k.a Udaari’s Meera Is On The Board Now For Her Debut Song

Many actors tried their luck in acting and after failing, they switched to singing. But in the case of failure!

Urwa Hocane who recently appeared in a drama serial Udaari which was not only appreciated by the civil society but got fame at international level too. She appeared as Meera in the serial, who was a singer and now she is turning herself into a real-life singer too. She just released her debut song.

It’s not the first time actually! Urwa posted her video for the promotion of her sister’s debut movie in Bollywood “Sanam Teri Qasam”, her shaken voice disappointed many, but not Urwa. The promotion took a questionable turn because the actor didn’t hold back and sung the highest notes through. She tried her luck once again. Her declaration of stepping into the music industry has left many questions for her fans.

The lyrics are not bad but the shaky voice of Urwa hasn’t impressed the viewers. The song is about discovering the self, doing what you feel good in. Let’s hope that Urwa Hocane can come up with something better than that.

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