#UriAttack: India Fails to Keep Its Army Base Safe in Kashmir, Blames Pakistan For The Attack

Whenever your people are killed, you bleed, you protest and you cry. Whenever people from some other country are killed, you play the blame game and put it on anyone – exactly what the Indian media is doing since morning.

Call it a co-incidence, but the attack took place right after Pakistan announced in the UN assembly that they will take the Kashmir occupancy matter to international grounds and do whatever it takes to exert pressure on India.

The Pakistani and Indian journalists and commoners continued backfiring on each other through the war of words.

Indian army base camp at Uri, Kashmir was attacked last night by ‘terrorists’ and in the cross fire, 17 Indian soldiers were killed and 4 terrorists were arrested.

In the major turn of events, the Indian media and officials claim that, “the terrorist attack was the part of Pakistan’s big game-plan.”

Yes, absolutely right. Blame Pakistanis for everything. Even for the pellet guns that the Indian army used to kill innocent civilians, the countless number of rapes done by the Indian army and ruining every good thing left on the Kashmiri land.  As soon as the situations backfire for India, they label the attack as “the worst attack on the army and Pakistan’s game-plan”?

It is not a co-incidence to see that the attack takes place when the Indian government announces that they will raise the level of cross border security, this leading to the belief that this may have been an inside job to divert the world’s attention from the cruel actions Indian army was having towards the Kashmir occupation.

And how they “staged” it, doesn’t even make any sense.

I ask the Indians today – if Kashmir is your right, why don’t you condemn against the brutal killings of the innocent people there?

Between the war of two countries where blame game continues to take place, Kashmir is dying.

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