Unveiled: Hajj Policy 2024: Hajj Package Dropped by Rs. 100,000

Hajj Policy 2024

On Thursday, Aneeq Ahmed, the Minister of Religious Affairs, unveiled the Hajj policy for 2024, marking the beginning of a digital era for the pilgrimage. Pilgrims will now have access to an internet-free mobile application, ensuring connectivity without the need for internet connectivity. In addition, a complimentary unlimited call package has been arranged for the convenience of Hajis.

Hajj Price in 2024

According to Aneeq Ahmed, the cost of the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Hajj in 2024 has been reduced from Rs 1,175,000 to Rs 1,075,000. Accommodations have been secured in prime locations within the Holy Cities for pilgrims.

According to the Hajj Secretary, the cost of a sacrificial animal is not included in the standard Hajj package. In addition, those opting for a shorter Hajj will incur an additional cost of Rs 75,000.

As he addressed the media, Aneeq Ahmed announced the revolutionary Hajj policy had been approved by the caretaker cabinet, reshaping pilgrimage experiences forever. Despite plans to accommodate a substantial number of pilgrims, he expressed confidence that the upcoming Hajj would surpass its predecessor.

In phase one of the policy, an ‘affordable’ package is introduced for Rs. 1,075,000. In phase one of the policy, an ‘affordable’ package is introduced at a cost of Rs. 1,075,000.

The Hajj process is going digital.

In keeping with adopting digital innovations, the Ministry of IT was essential in digitizing the Hajj procedure. Specialized software for the Hajj in 2024 offers 90,000 pilgrims’ baggage with QR tags for effective management, ensuring a simplified experience. The program gives Haji access to 7GB of data internet for 40 days, allowing him to make unlimited calls within Pakistan. It is made to work flawlessly, even in places with poor connectivity.

Aneeq Ahmed emphasized the distribution of little bags and Ihram to facilitate the pilgrimage process, as well as the introduction of abayas with the Pakistani flag for ladies traveling on a spiritual pilgrimage.

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