Pakistani Women On Peacekeeping Mission In Congo Get Huge Praise From UN

Pakistani Women Army

Pakistani Women’s army featured in the UN Women In Peacekeeping program. Showing positive growth of females in Pakistan, representing how much as a nation we have grown.

Women of Pakistan!

Women play an important role in our lives. It was not before the 18th century that they started asking for their rights. However, such a sense of freedom was not known to the women in Pakistan. After spectating the current growth, we can see how modern-day feminism is taking a bow. Pakistani women are now growing and they know what they need to do in order to make their place firm in society.

Furthermore, Pakistani women are not only contributing to warfare, but they are also contributing to other causes as well. Whether it be social service, software engineering, or business, Pakistani women know it all. Rather than sitting at home and wasting their talent, now more and more Pakistani women are doing their best to educate themselves and be more productive.

Is it really a man’s world?

Pakistani women have literally triumphed the male ego (for no apparent reason) and have achieved so much in so less time. Considering the thought process of locals, this seems to be really big news!

Pakistani women have achieved the best of both worlds. Since they are now being recognized on an international level. Pakistan’s army is known to be one of the best armies in the world. Now it has what it lacked the most. A women army to make the backbone even stronger.

Female Avengers of Pakistan!

We all got goosebumps when we saw Captain Marvel and the other female crew of the Avengers assembled together in an all-girls fighting scene. Now imagine that this is all real, and Pakistani women in army suits are assembling to fight evil. Could it get any better?

Furthermore, Ayesha Farooq, also known as Wonder Woman of Pakistan is one of the best fighter-pilots we have in Pakistan Air Force. She has medals and is well known for skills with a jet.

Women of Pakistan

We’ve seen how Pakistani women are doing their best in our establishment, on the other hand, there are several women who deserve an honorable mention. These women are doing marvels, whether it be Nergis Mavalvala – an astrophysicist, Zenith Irfan – the motorbike rider, or Mehak Gul – the chess player; these people are doing tremendous and they love doing what they do!

It is time we started acknowledging the women near us, as men we are supposed to support them in all ways for all of us to be a better part of ourselves.

All women in Pakistan are doing a tremendous job, from a maid to a student or even a working mom. They all deserve a round of applause for all that they do for us and themselves!

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