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Unpredictability of Life

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Life is beautiful. The breaths and sighs you take, the spring in your steps, your abilities to see, to feel, to hear and to love, and the ability to think and write are potentialities that we feel and can enjoy with every breath. You exude beauty in the way you sit, elegant in your walk, intelligent in your talk, careful in your listening and wise in your thoughts. You write wonderfully, you read joyfully and are able to take part in so many more things that keep life fresh.

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Life is beautiful. It has lessons, it has ups and downs, it has adventures, it has celebrations, it time for relaxation, it pauses for special moments, it forwards itself then rewinds, it makes human live it fully through the unpredictable conditions and situations that it brings. I have learned this unpredictability is to be embraced.

The sudden changes do not always take form in someone being down in the dumps. It often throws a light on us, making us shine in the darkest of times. The unpredictability of life can take many forms, giving you the best of moments; showering smiles, feeling the excitement, motivation, happiness, joy, satisfaction, contentment, and so many more overwhelming emotions.

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Sometimes, the unexpected brings you a job much needed. Often, the changing times and events erase your mistakes and help you to rewrite the chapter itself. The unpredictability helps you strengthen roads for relationships, work, interests and tells you to rebuild these aspects of your life, they may stand strong.

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I had reached a point in my life where I believed there was no way that I could come out of the negativity and hardships I was enduring. But then, I closed my eyes and whispered prayers in my heart. I was relieved of the pain and stress I was compressed into. The acceptance of the beautiful unpredictability of the life by the grace of Allah S.W.T helped me. I live life fully to satisfaction.

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Spirituality, in a sense, is a part of life in which one can allow themselves to feel they deserve mercy.  We all grow up having experienced these feelings at some point or the other. The helplessness and rising above it seems like the most difficult task to do. Then, when we rise, we promise ourselves not to fall again. But falling and pushing yourself displays human strength, will, and hope, and should never be discouraged.

So, whenever you feel like life is torturing you, take a deep breath and sit back. Exercising patience and positive thinking will help you see the other angle to it. Many many things; unpleasant junctures, undesired conditions, and conflicting situations will befall you, but your ability to march through these circumstances strong is what makes your life indefinitely remarkable. Love whatever life gives you.

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