This University In India Forgot To Print The Question Paper Of An Exam And It Is Hilarious

This University In India Forgot To Print The Question Paper Of An Exam And It Is Hilarious

It was either nature listening to the prayers of students, or something just came out of a fantasy world, because a university in Bihar actually made an error that’s not just huge but also pretty hilarious. Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU) of India was unable to print question papers for an exam and the reason could not have been any more ridiculous.

Postgraduate students were supposed to sit for their Hindi exam; one of their last exams of their postgraduate degree. However, upon arrival, they were notified that the exam has been delayed to a later date. The final semester students were told that the administration actually forgot to print their exam papers.

Students were given the schedule for their exam sometime around in March, they had ample time to prepare for it and so did the university administration. According to one of India’s news source, the vice chancellor has now issued a notice to the examination branch and the head of Hindi department for postgraduates. What is interesting here is that the exam branch says that never received the question paper and should not be blamed for the error.


TMBU’s public relations officer, Ashok Thakur, says that the confusion must have been brought up due to a new system that they have introduced to the students. The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) allows students to flexibly choose any subject in the fourth paper. Due to this, the Hindi HoD, claims that he was not aware of the number of students opting for the Hindi exam, which consequently led to such an error.

As mentioned earlier, the whole scenario is something that every student desires! It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that there might be a guardian angel who listened to the prayers of those students and the university made such a funny error. This sort of disorganization happens rarely but, when it does take place, it surely catches a lot of attention!

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