This Pakistani University Has Banned Hostel Girls From Sharing Beds And It Is Very Confusing!

In Pakistan, a wide range of students who study in universities opt for hostels, be it, girls or guys. Many students acquire admissions in other cities, which means moving from their permanent address and settling somewhere else. Hostels and hostel-boarders, over the years, have given us a lot of confusing material, but this notification from a university has made things very interesting.

The International Islamic University of Islamabad has issued a notification that is driving the students and the internet absolutely crazy. In a first, the university lodged a notification that barred bed sharing in the girls’ hostel of the university. A notification dated 20-4-17, under the title of office order, said this:


“All hostel boarders are informed that bed sharing is strictly prohibited in girls hostels. Any student found sharing a bed with her friends/sisters (sleeping, sitting in one blanket/bedspread) will be charged heavy fine.  Hostel boarders are directed to keep proper/reasonable distance between their beds (at least 2 feet)”

Now, first of all, as wrong as the whole thing sounds… what was the university administration thinking before lodging this notification? The choice of words in the official office order is extremely poor and most of all, cliche. The negative impact that the words give at first sight says everything which is wrong with the order itself.


If the university has had instances where students have indulged in unacceptable behavior, the first paragraph is good enough to prohibit the girls from sharing beds. If the issue is of such importance, university administration needs to create separate rooms for the students to cut off their doubts. However, the second paragraph, that talks about students sitting or sleeping in a bed with other students, friends —- EVEN THEIR SISTERS, will be charged heavily.


Now, when the university administration talks about a reasonable distance between girls’ beds of at least 2 feet, the question is, will they be sitting in the girls’ room all night to check if the distance is 2 feet, lesser, or are they in the same bed? Or are they installing CCTV cameras in the girls’ rooms to make sure that they do not hop on the same bed.

The notification, basically, makes no sense whatsoever. If the university has its concerns, it needs to counsel students for the particular matter. Lodging a notification so scandalous that is bound to go public only ruins the image of the university. This confusing ban on girls’ sharing beds in hostels is doing the rounds on social media and people don’t really have an opinion yet. We’re all just so confused.

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